The Key to Bigger Pecs (AND HEALTHY SHOULDERS!)

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When you’re attempting to construct greater pecs and a extra muscular chest, you’ve to take action with out compromising the well being of your shoulders. On this video, I’m going to indicate you one postural adjustment you may make on each chest train to get extra aesthetic improvement out of your pecs with out compromising the shoulder joint within the course of.

It begins with an understanding of the place of the higher arm within the socket and the way this impacts your urgent. Your arm can both be titled anteriorly, which is extremely widespread as a consequence of postural maladjustments, impartial or posteriorly tilted. In an effort to get your joint away from this anterior place that you must ensure you’ve sufficient flexibility in your pec minor at the start. That is coated in one other video on this channel the place I present you learn how to stretch your pecs most successfully.

Even with a considerably tight pec minor nevertheless, you’ll be able to nonetheless manually make this adjustment by specializing in the place of the sternum throughout each chest train. Possible, you will discover that your sternum is angled down and ahead earlier than beginning even your first rep of a bench press or dip. That is incorrect. You need to get it lifted till the highest of it’s flat and angled parallel to the ground. This mechanically units your shoulders down and again.

It doesn’t simply retract your shoulder blades, which is a typical false impression of what’s wanted to get into the wholesome urgent place. As a substitute, it can put your shoulders not simply again however down as nicely which is able to stabilize the ac joint and provides your glenohumeral joint more room to maneuver by way of superiorly to keep away from impingement. It is a very simple adjustment to make and one that may get you feeling the distinction inside the first few reps.

This may be utilized to not simply the bench press and dip, however the pushup or flooring fly as nicely. The bottom line is that by establishing a down and again place of the shoulders you permit your joints to be extra protected whereas supplying you with a greater mechanical benefit to execute from. This latter level is defined by the place of the insertion of the higher pecs on the humerus. Whenever you shrug your shoulders, the muscle fibers of the higher pecs grow to be extra slack and the prestretch able to producing a extra forceful contraction is misplaced.

As you’ll be able to see, if you end up growing your chest or some other muscle group for that matter, it isn’t simply the aesthetics that matter however the longevity with which you’re coaching that muscle ought to matter as nicely. Each do at ATHLEAN-X and should you head to and get our ATHLEAN-X Coaching System you will note first hand simply how rather more profitable you’ll be able to grow to be in your coaching should you get this proper.

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  1. Key to a perfect physique:
    Good genes, ability to sleep more than 3 hours a day, and funds to pay for a personal cook to prepare your meals because you work 2 jobs 6 days a week.

  2. "Muscle-Marker" Tease ALERT!!!
    It's like watching a "highlight" reel w/o the highlights! Wait for it….not gonna happen.
    There's even a picture of Muscles Marked!! But no "real" Muscle Marker usage during the entire video…
    So basically suck in my gut, stick out my chest and arch my back when doing Press movements!! Got it.
    Still feel a bit jipped….

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