STRETCHING – Strength Builder OR Strength Buster (REVEALED!)

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Stretching. Is it good or unhealthy? It sounds prefer it’s an excellent factor, however is it at all times an excellent factor? I will present you on this video if stretching muscle tissue earlier than a workout is a energy builder or a energy buster. The reality might shock you.

When attempting to construct muscle or construct new energy one will typically hit the health club and prepare for his or her workout by going by means of a static stretch routine. The issue is that that is really the worst sort of warmup that you are able to do to organize your physique for the workout.

To maximise the workout and your means to construct energy (and never lose energy) you are going to need to stick with the appropriate sort of stretching. A dynamic stretching routine (one the place you do not maintain anyone stretch for greater than 5-10 seconds) is a a lot better approach to awaken the muscle tissue, get some blood stream, whereas nonetheless holding onto the energy that may be misplaced because the muscle tissue lose their means to type a robust contraction from static stretching.

For extra data on stretching, the appropriate methods to stretch, and the perfect stretching exercises that you are able to do in your workout…in addition to the perfect methods to construct energy, the perfect energy builder exercises and the perfect methods to keep away from dropping energy head to to get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System.

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  1. I love the "nerdy" videos. Knowledge is the currency of the realms. To stop learning stagnates the mind and knowledge is a gift from the Gods, should never waste it.

  2. So what if you do dynamic stretching? I've heard of this all before, but I've also heard that dynamic stretching doesn't have as much or any negative effect as static stretching.

  3. @philhand124 To combine strength and agility you need to do high intensity workouts and always stretch at the end… the best is to workout combining light and heavy weights in the same session, for example I would do the renegade dumbbells for the back with 25 pounds 20 reps fast and with no rest in between jump to the dumbbell row with a 65 pounds, and also reverse the order… I do Thai boxing and with this type of training I have both strength and speed, am 47, check my 50YY channel to see

  4. Jeff,I have a couple of questions for you…First:Is stretching between sets good?Example:I' do one set of bench press,and then i stretch myself a little bit…Second:I want to stretch my legs until i could do rope,and i want to do it fast,or at least to speed it up a bit.Can you advise me?I'd really apreciate it!Thanks:)

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