THE BEST GYM LEGGINGS | Lululemon, Gymshark + Merakilo

Hey guys sooo I spent a number of money and time on health club leggings hehehe. I do know the ache and hardship soo to precise my timeless love put collectively my fave leggings. Get pleasure from!

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  1. Maiyah great video too bad you havent had the chance to try on my leggins, from design to quality they can compete with the best out there. We make them in colombia so you know it has to wrap around tight and give a great form. There hand made, not see through like cheap chinese quality very tough quality, also have some sexy designs and ship here to the states ,i would love to send you a pair for you too test out. I have a couple designs were an old company but just now expanding internacionally. Talk you soon i hope!!

  2. I love reviews/try-ons like this one ❤️❤️ and I also loooove you, your body and your channel 😍 I'm in love 😘 your body is a big inspiration for me, and when you have these outfits on and show them so close to the camera – it's just amazing! I've also been thinking about this with no underwear and just leggings. It's normal for some girls to do that: skip the underwear. But what if someone can see a "cameltoe"? For me, that's no big deal and here's why: just look at the big championships for athletics, so many guys have tight outfits and the "package" get "visible" in the same way as a "cameltoe". So, what's the big deal? But it's of course good 2 know if a legging – can – show a cameltoe, so you can be aware of that ⭐️ either that's no big deal or you hate it 😃

    Anyway, I loooooove you and your channel 😘😘😘😘

  3. I’ve been wanting to get on the Lulu bandwagon forever now, but I’ve always wondered, do people wear undies under their leggings or no? I feel like they’re so tight that you would have underwear lines showing thru, but in your video I don’t see any lines at all! I’m just curious because I only own cheap leggings and I always wear a thong with them, but you can definitely tell. So I guess I’m really asking, are Lulu leggings such great quality that you can’t even see a thong underneath? Or are people just going commando in their leggings? Lol 😂 sorry for the awkward question, I just really wanna know before I drop $100 on a pair of leggings

  4. Omg tried the merakilo leggings after watching your video. And being sick to death of gymshark never having what I want in stock!!!! They are amazing. Seriously! And so reasonably priced. I am going to order them in every colour. Most flattering leggings I have EVER tried on. So happy with my purchases so thank you!!!!
    I had twins last year so am not over confident about my body but these hide all my sins!!!

  5. Hey everyone, I just wanted to hear if any of you have had any problems with merakilo? Or if you have ever tried ordering stuff, from their website. I ordered som stuff, and it has been over 2 week, and i havent gotten my parcel, and it still says it is a the warehouse. If i contact them i get no reply.. :(( please help

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