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The issue with most shoulder workouts is that the shoulder exercises they’re made up of do not totally tackle the steadiness of the shoulder. You see, along with the shoulder being a joint that may be flexed and prolonged, kidnapped and adducted, rotation is by far one among it is most vital features! The issue? Most individuals by no means do shoulder exercises or workouts for the shoulders that addresses this want! Large drawback.

When the shoulder isn’t skilled with exercises that immediately goal exterior rotation it’s left in a susceptible place. What’s worse, when all your higher physique workouts give attention to the larger muscle mass with chest exercises, shoulder exercises, lat and again exercises, tricep exercises, and so on you are truly solely additional contributing to the imbalance!

On this video you will see the significance of shoulder exterior rotation exercises in your rotator cuff and the way doing them can actually unlock the potential power you’ll develop in the remainder of your higher physique exercises.

For a whole program that comes with the precise shoulder exercises to do in your rotator cuff and when to do them, head to and seize your 90 day ATHLEAN-X Coaching System. Let celeb professional athlete coach Jeff Cavaliere present you precisely tips on how to construct your strongest most resilient physique within the subsequent 12 weeks!

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  1. Jeff…is there a danger of externally rotating too far? How far out are the arms designed to go when the elbow is held at the side? Using the resistance tubing in a standing position, training the right side, and starting with my right hand against the stomach, I go to about 90-100 degrees and then there seems to be a stopping point/point of pain to go any further. I used to do the seated barbell press behind the neck, and though that was external rotation, it was definitely too far in that position. Another way of saying it…I see some guys rotating from the palm on the stomach then going way out, ATTEMPTING to go almost 180 degrees, even with pain….That extreme is not correct, is it? Thanks for your informative videos!

  2. Jeff….maybe once in a while (which you never did) mention that every person in this planet is different so the echo of your "knowledge" doesn't apply to everybody.

  3. Wish I'd seen this and your other rotary cuff videos earlier might have saved my shoulders from injury. The annoying thing is that I followed a program that was designed for me by a PT and there was not one external rotary cuff exercise in it . I've now included them myself as I try to get back to a level of fitness so that I can resume my training.

  4. Excellent rotator cuff program which essential for any athlete. After 5 hour surgery, I am back in the water surfing again! Your emphasis on the rotator cuff is essential for any workout. Thanks, Rafael (surfing 53 years)

  5. This a video everyone working out needs to see! 100% correct! Having a rotator cuff injury myself, these are the exercises that helped me back to be even stronger than before. Thank you for adding this clip….VERY IMPORTANT!!!

  6. I'm curious, if most people's rotator cuff muscles are never used during "conventional" exercises, then how is it many of them end up with torn rotator cuffs somewhere down the road? How does something that is never used get torn? Doesn't tearing come from overuse?

  7. great video! do you think it is a good ideea to include these exercises in the warm-up before each upper body program (be it chest, back, arms or shoulders)? thanks 🙂

  8. THIS should be a part of primary school god damnit, having shoulder problems because of "bro – benching" sucks and it takes so much time to get rid of issues like "nerve impingement" "muscle inflammations" in your shoulders and neck, been doing rehab for 3 months, only seeing slight improvements so far… doctors tell you to stop exercising untill we know what this is about, and throw a bunch of painkillers at you. My doctor didnt even know what serratus anterior was. Take care of your body, no one else is gonna do it for you (jeff will tell you though) thanks jeff.

  9. Jeff I am fixing to have shoulder surgery, I have completely torn my rotator cuff tendon away from the bone on my left shoulder, I do not remember which tendon the doctor told me was torn , but my Question is this , once this is fixed and I have completed my therapy, how often should I do rotator cuff training , and how many sets and repetitions should be done with each Exercise, when I'm able to start working out again, Thank you for All your help and suggestions

  10. I hurt my arm doing external rotation like this with a cable machine. Like, the muscle you have to the right of your elbow. Took me several days to recover, couldn't even do pullups during that period because of the pain in my arm… Don't wanna risk that again. I believe I already get external rotation in many exercises. When I train my upper back with reversed flyes and when I train the posterior deltoids. Maybe I will try it just gently with resistance bands…

  11. i hurt my shoulders (I THINK) doing push ups. im 270 about or less and (im up to 40 lb lifting ) and i think i hurt my shoulder buy doing to much when im not ready for it.. always been slow at building muscle or losing weight. 6 months and im only down 10-20 lb… (from 270 is but my thing is my weight never stays low its like a yoyo…

  12. My external rotation is really weak. I get a sharp pain under my shoulder blade, my pt said it might be cause of weakness. She has me doing 10 reps everyday of the external rotation with a resistance band. just want so clarification on should I keep doing it

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