Pitchers…throw harder and prevent arm injury with one exercise

Educate your arm the way to safely decelerate in order that it could lastly reap the benefits of its untapped acceleration potential. No person is doing this…however each pitcher needs to be!

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  1. Can this exercise be done from the point of the follow through? Meaning after you've followed through bring the arm back up with you as you stand up instead of moving your feet forward and back every time?

  2. Man, Jeff has come a LOOOOONG way!!!

    Watching this video cracks me up something serious. I started off with Jeff on the Athlean X videos. So seeing the drastic shift in demeanor is priceless.

    It also highlights his growth as a person and as a professional. To even leave this up is symbol of being able to grow and develop into something better regardless of where you are in life.

    I salute you, Jeff. But in the meantime, I'll be hitting the replay button so that I can get my laugh on again! lol

  3. Don't believe some of your speeds but some can be true. I know at 14 i topped out at 82. at 15 86 16 88 My velocity was increased by gaining weight 8i was tall and sinny, i gained good weight not fat), strength and conditioning routines and MECHANICS. and at 21 i topped out at 93.  Work hard, train right, stay flexible and learn as much as you possible can from valid sources and some of your coaches actually know what they are talking about do not just roll your eyes at them!  Do not forget to train both arms and your bench press max is not as important as your shoulder health…. Incorporate this workout for both arms and it will help.  Do not let this be the ONLY thing you do.  Don't be afraid to pitch inside!

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