“My Biceps Aren’t Growing” (HERE’S WHY!)

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Have you ever ever felt that irrespective of how laborious you educated your biceps they only received’t develop. On this video, I’m going to point out you the 2 greatest the reason why I imagine your bicep measurement isn’t what you need it to be. Between the variety of instances that you’re knowingly and unknowingly coaching them to the extra essential idea of hitting them with fewer exercises however extra strategies.

First we must always discuss in regards to the quantity of instances per week that you’re coaching your biceps. Many individuals assume that extra is best nevertheless that’s not the case, particularly within the occasion of such a small muscle group. The usage of direct biceps coaching is efficient in constructing greater arms however you could nonetheless embrace all the accent work they get via exercises that bend the elbow (a key operate of the biceps).

When you consider all the again exercises that bend the elbow like barbell rows, pulldowns, pullups, chinups, one armed rows, and so forth you shortly understand how a lot further work that arms are getting even on non bicep days. That doesn’t imply that the amount isn’t nonetheless accruing and turning into one thing that you could take into account in your total means to recuperate.

If you’re performing a push, pull, legs coaching cut up for the time being and performing every of those two instances per week then any direct biceps coaching goes to additionally wind up including important quantity to your biceps. The error is usually to proceed so as to add increasingly more if you end up making an attempt to pressure a change in muscle measurement. The correct factor to do is to first step again and take away quantity and frequency and monitor how your physique responds.

Most frequently, as a pure lifter you will see that that dropping this again is precisely what your physique wants so as to have the ability to develop and resume your positive factors. That mentioned, one of many different massive keys to getting greater biceps (or some other muscle for that matter) is progressive overload. Now this most frequently comes within the type of including weight to the exercises that you’re doing. Some may also try to easily add new exercises as a type of stimulus overload that retains the positive factors coming.

Within the case of the biceps nevertheless, the number of bicep exercises is extraordinarily restricted as a result of nature of the elbow joint. Provided that it is a hinge joint that capabilities primarily to flex and prolong the elbow, the totally different variations of bicep exercises usually look the identical; they’re all some type of a curl. Whether or not it’s preacher curls, focus curls, barbell curls or seated incline dumbbell curls, they’re all simply bending the elbow.

For this reason switching exercises is usually not sufficient of a stimulus to advertise new progress. It’s right here that the switching in of strategies is way simpler. I display three particularly for you on this video. I present you the In10sity approach for utilizing heavier weights in your curls and getting extra excessive depth reps accomplished in a workout. The sliced reps approach for getting extra time below pressure and peak contraction. And at last, the arc variation approach that lets you prepare to and thru failure by manipulating the second arm of the biceps as you fatigue.

All of those strategies and extra are constructed into my Final Arms program out there at and are designed that can assist you construct your greatest biceps potential within the shortest period of time. By coaching like an athlete and taking your depth to an entire new stage, you’ll be amazed on the affect this has in your positive factors.

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  1. As always, I learn so much from your videos. I'm just getting back into 5je swing of things and the workouts were boring from doing the same things as 20+ years ago. I will be doing these variations so I can sell tickets to the gun show again. 👍👍👍

  2. My work is killing me lol! Ive had sore arms for two weeks and I think i have pulled a couple tendons too… its really weird but there is such a sharp pain sometimes. I literally cant stop working. Ive been doing 7 days a week trying to fishish building this damned Costco. Everyone is saying its the fastest they have seen one go up. 4 months from a dirt lot to a functioning building.

  3. Mu biceps were feeling pumped after workout. Less weight i noticed more muscle then hewvy weight. Yey stil arms wd fell pumped. Today I felt on heavier weight it was just getting them up and the less weight same feeling. i done as much just felt nothing when i was tensing. Really got me down as before workout i tensed and can see difference over 2 weeks. I had food before hand. I only felt arms muscle after doing my dumbells today. Can get me down i just need a good system

  4. Biceps are the easiest to train, i get gains without even training.
    Starting to look ridiculous because the rest of my body is lagging behind.

  5. PLEASE HELP every time I do back and biceps an hour or so after I get back bicept cramps,my arms lock up when I tense my bicept I literally have to pull my forearm down to release hurts like hell. Tried altering volume but still get the same problem.only training them once a week???

  6. I made so many 'gains' because I never really targeted biceps… just did them "whenever" but when I did them, would go super hard once a week at the time, now twice. We have a preacher curl Hammer Press type of machine where you put the plates on, then curl. Most guys at my guy max out around a 45 and 25. I started around 45 and 10… then quickly got up to 45 and 25… then 45 and 45. Now 2x 45 and 35 pretty quickly. When I can tell I'm still hurting, I back off and don't push it, wait a day or two.

    Biceps are pretty useless though, as he was saying. Back in football, our coach would say "triceps are for the team… biceps are for the cheerleaders" haha.

  7. I’m a silver haired male going through rehab with a specialist Neurophysio after a re-occurrence of a condition I have left me paralysed in all 4 limbs! I find your videos really interesting and helpful in my fight for more strength and bulk. Thank you so much

  8. Some guys after excercies consume less carb than normal need and not enough protein but sugar that will destroy your testosteron 🙂

    Look at kikcboxer the dont work biceps curl so much but has very large and strong biceps muscles. Look at caliesthenic workers just making push ups, pull downs, some static excercies and they still get bigger arms.

    Look at the animals outside, they almost consume 0 sugar mostly animal protein and fats and always everyday exercising wşth jump, walk and running. If you want to have muscle, movements should be your life style anymore. Thats the point.

  9. for some reason I've always plateaued fast in my arms after small gains but my back and chest grew until one time I stopped working out and started eating more and then my arms blew up a month after my last work out and I still don't understand why. My only guess is Maybe I didn't give myself enough rest and didn't eat enough well I was working out and when I stopped hitting the gym and eating more it gave my muscles time to repair and build? I had a health scare and lost 30 lbs of muscle I spent years to obtain in less then a years time and now I want to put it back on but feeling so weak at the gym now makes me discouraged. I'm hoping I can gain faster because of muscle memory as the gym feels more like a hassle at this point then a fun hobby like it used to be for me before my health issue.

  10. I am 33 years old I have usually kept myself in pretty decent shape besides the last 5 years since being married 7 months ago I started back at the gym my body looks completely different I started at 215 got down to 190 and now back to 204 I have lost a ton of fat it seems like my love handles are way smaller I'm starting to look way better from a large and xl shirt to a medium from a size 36 to a 32 pant size but my biceps are 15 1/2 and they have been since the day I started it seems like they just don't grow I've done multiple different workouts that I've learned from you I go to the gym 3 days a week take protein creatine and bcaas+glutamine is it just because I'm losing fat in my arms or should they have started growing by now?

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