Prepare your abs like an athlete…each workout, each train.

Would you by no means miss an ab workout in case your life trusted it? Nicely, that is how some MMA fighters view their ab workouts. Figuring out simply how vital a powerful, resilient and highly effective set of abs is to their efficiency within the cage…provides a complete new stage of that means to getting a six pack! On this video I present you an MMA ab workout that you are able to do with one piece of kit, both at house or within the health club.

When you select to do that MMA ab workout at house, merely stack up a number of sofa cushions and use these as your punching bag. When you do these ab exercises at a health club you should utilize both a med ball like I am utilizing right here or perhaps a stability ball.

The important thing to this ab workout is to assault it with a ferocity often reserved for squats, deadlifts or different huge muscle exercises! Once you practice your abs explosively you’ll be able to combine them with the larger muscular tissues of the core and trunk to supply extra highly effective contractions. The straightforward act of decelerating the momentum of the affect in every of the ab exercises on this ab workout is sufficient of an added contact to get you seeing quicker outcomes. Throw in the truth that the endurance wanted to face up to spherical after spherical of this brutal ab killer is certain to place you to the check.

All through this complete MMA workout for abs it would be best to keep within the plank place. If at any time through the work out you permit your knees to the touch the ground and also you break the plank, this can be thought of a faucet out. Once you mix the problem of the ab exercises chosen on this workout with the principles laid out, you’ve got probably the greatest ab workouts you are able to do at house or within the health club!

If you wish to get extra than simply abs like an MMA fighter, you will need to begin coaching like an athlete in your whole workouts! To start out following the identical workout program utilized by right now’s high skilled athletes, so you can begin trying like one, head to and get your ATHLEAN-X Coaching System.

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  1. Freaking hell this is harder than it looks, tapped out at 4 for first try, but this one is down permanently as part of my abs training, thanks again Jeff. FYI I tried this yesterday with a large exercise ball but found it too unstable, went out and bought a punching bag, works a treat. Cheers Enzo

  2. This looks seriously badass, Sat morning, was about to head out for a quick Athlean X abs shuffle workout, but will give this a try instead, awesome stuff Jeff.

  3. I've done this my gym several times , and I know I work harder than anyone when it comes to abs when I'm in there. Who cares what people think? If anything you look awesome trying out a unique workout. Dont be a pussy.

  4. like the workout, tough as hell. also an ex muay Thai fighter and the vigorous conditioning we went through to stay in fighting shape was insane. these exercises are just adding to the madness. thanx

  5. Yeah man. This set is awesome!
    if I was still in Martial arts training, I'd tell my sensei's, and see if our dojo could do it…

    This is some really hard stuff here though.–I'M GONNA SHARE IT!

  6. This is a great exercise and has made me want to share a personal story.
    I used to be a serious kickboxer focused in muay thai when i was 14-21 alongside studying etc i had multiple fights and only lost one by decision. I was in unbelievable shape, but i developed a strange tendonitis that affected my forearms, wrist, elbows, one shoulder, knees and shins. I was largely out of action for at least 3 years (even with regards to normal daily activities) and then one more year on and off as i learned about my injuries and recovered.
    I'm 24 now and just tried this out. I only managed to reach level 2 when in the past i'd definitely go on for much longer. This is a fantastic exercise and a good one to clock progression. I'll be doing this every day, time to climb the ladder 🙂

  7. Hey Jeff, great workout! I am a fan of MMA and couldn't resist trying this out. I have done an entire MMA program called Georges St. Pierre RUSHFIT. Could you give your opinion on that? ( i would love to hear from a fitness expert) Keep up the amazing work at Team Athlean! 🙂

  8. Question jeff. I have a dislocated right shoulder. As a PT, will I be able to compensate that torn ligament if I build more muscle on my shoulders. Cause right now, I can't punch, swing a bat, throw a ball as hard as before. I can't even do freestyle swimming for long time.

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