lululemon MUST-HAVES for u and ur bestie ✨🎁💕 #shorts #lululemon #lululemoncreator

u want these 4 issues from lululemon!
All hyperlinks right here:

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#lululemon #MUSTHAVES #bestie #shorts #lululemon #lululemoncreator

lululemon leggings

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  1. Damn, I knew Lulu was expensive, but I didn’t think it was THIS bad. $58 USD for a bra top that no one is going to see anyways, $128 EACH for a basic hoodie and joggers, and $118 for flare pants. I must admit though, the flare pants are very cute. The only way I’d own these is if I could thrift them, I wouldn’t even buy them myself if I was a millionaire. The best way to save on things like these is learning how to sew, I highly recommend. Yes, there is a bit of an initial investment, but if you buy the hoodie and joggers, it’ll be more than that anyways! 😂😂

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