Lululemon Leggings EXPLAINED | Aligns VS Wunder Unders + are Lululemon leggings worth the price tag?

What Lululemon leggings are value your cash?

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Wunder Trains (the very best leggings ever I promise):
Completely Outsized Crew:
All Yours Tee:
Tracker Shorts:
Ebb to Prepare Bra:
Align Shorts:
Scuba Overzied 1/2 Zip:

Lululemon shorts EXPLAINED:
Lululemon bras EXPLAINED:
Lululemon Sale/We Made Too A lot TIPS:

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my final anti haul:
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  1. Great job explaining the styles and fabrics. Personally, Fast and Frees have ZERO compression just like Aligns. That's why one is Nulux (slick) and then other is Nulu (brushed)…they're very similar in fit. That's why most people size down on Aligns and F&F. I always laugh when people mentioned "compression" with F&F. But again, personal opinion. I love Unlimits better than Aligns just because the seam design is more flattering. ATRPs are my absolute fav= no camel toe! Any style with no-front seam is the best for me! Pace Rivals are super popular with runners…they've been out as long as ATRPs so 2015. I run and I encounter so many runners in Pace Rivals.

  2. Would you size down in wunder under luxtreme. I used to have the full on luxtreme and they slid down so bad, so I had to sell them. And I have the all the right right places pant but had to size down to a 4 and they fit snug but they stay up. Should I go for a 6? 🤍

  3. The invigorates had potential, but they’re too damn baggy at the ankles. The wunder trains are cute but the booty seems aren’t that flattering. The in movements are definetly the superior everlux legging.

  4. Luxtreme seems to be the most resistant to my two huskies’ copious fluff. I prefer Everlux so I lint roll. 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️
    PS: do you find the nulux a bit too slick? I think I’ll size down if I get more, as I really feel like they’ll slide right off, even with the drawstring. I have a small waist and huge hips so it’s a battle to accommodate both. :/

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