I do know not everybody goes to agree with me on this one, and that is completely okay! Simply needed to be a special voice on the market, since I want I’d simply saved my cash as a substitute of listening to some paid influencers and buying considered one of these manufacturers. At the moment I am breaking down the PERFORMANCE of Yogalicious and 90 Diploma by Reflex leggings. I am not right here to critique kinds & colours — I do know yow will discover loads of that elsewhere. That is strictly about how these leggings carry out throughout heavy workouts, and which of them I favor.



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  1. lol i’m 8 months late but i only have 2 fabric combinations in the 90° that work for me i think they are 76% polyester 24% spandex and 75% nylon 25% spandex but if i get those they are perfect and i wear them just as much as my lulu aligns!!

  2. I have several pairs of yogalicious. Im a short curvy girl and I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I have not experienced the pet hair issue unless I am aggressively petting them on my lap and then it comes off easily with a lint roller. I wear them daily and I do really love them. And for a difference of opinion I have had them for a few years and they have help up great. The fabric isn't as big of a concern for me as fit and longevity. I also don't get the saggy crotch, but maybe its because I have thighs and hips to hold them up? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. I actually have a pair of Yogalicious ones that are more of a thick, buttery material with mesh detailing on the sides and latticework on the ankles, and I actually like them. I did find them at Ross on sale so I took a chance! They are a bit warm for workouts, but stay up (I have a bit of a stomach and a larger frame with muscular thighs). Since I'm looking to add to my workout wardrobe, this info is great to have. Great video! (I'm currently considering getting certified as a trainer too, even for just my own personal knowledge.)

  4. I find some of the 90 Degree leggings are great and some of them are terrible. So far my favourite inexpensive leggings are from Colorfulkoala.

  5. The best ones from 90 degrees by reflex are the ones that are super high waisted I think 76% polyester 24% spandex those are my favorite I think they are called “INTERLINK” 😊 those are the closest that I can get to Lulu’s

  6. I really really like yogalicious nude tech leggings and find them super soft and nice for yoga and lounging, tho they don’t have as much tummy control as lulu align. I were eyeing the lux but you talked me out so thank you!

  7. Out of curiosity, do you like or have you tried Athleta? I prefer Athleta over Lululemon for multiple reasons. #1 being that you can machine dry them and don’t have to lay them flat to dry in order for them to hold up. My lululemons have some pilling and they tend to roll down on my waist a lot more. My Athleta leggings have no pilling, they feel like a thicker/sturdier fabric, and I do not have to pull them up as much.

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