Hello loves,
welcome again to my channel. As we speak I made a decision to to a strive on haul of my align leggings and present you cute gymnasium outfits / how I pair my align leggings to go to the gymnasium.
& It was requested to indicate how i wash them so close to the top of the video I present you guys the way to correctly wash your leggings.
Let me know what you guys consider this video 💕

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  1. I sized down and it makes my butt look so flat. I tried the winder under luxtreme and makes me look so skinny I’m going to try one more pair I hope and pray they look good bc I really want to love lululemon 💕 great collection video 😍

  2. Thank u for sharing tips for washing them! I just bought my 2nd pair of align leggings and I didn’t wanna make the mistake again of my first getting ruined from washing them wrong

  3. The americans always use the word "guys". Guys keep it in mind…, guys dont do that… let me show you guys my leggings. This video was mostly watched by girls. Why the hell you all keep using the word: "guys"?! I am sure there is an alternative for this word.

  4. Do you happen to know the color names of the grays you tried on and which is which? I see the Graphite Gray online and can't tell which it is. I'm not looking for a blue-ish gray, nor a light gray. So hard to tell on the site how light or dark they are.

  5. You are simply FLAWLESS ❤️ LOVE your channel ❤️ please keep the videos coming ❤️ stay safe ❤️ you always look absolutely PHENOMENAL in everything you wear 😍!!!

  6. My mom comes over and grabs the laundry from my bathroom and mixes my lulu stuff with my mans plumber clothes they still feel okay but man I wanna scream when she does it lmao (before y’all come for me I don’t ask her she just helps out when she comes to my house lmao)

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