Low Back Pain and Working Out (IMPORTANT!!)

Strengthen your low again as soon as and for all by coaching like an athlete

Let’s face it, understanding with low again ache or after a decrease again damage is sort of unattainable. Together with your lumbar backbone positioned so near your heart of gravity, nearly each train you do will journey by or have an effect in your low again. This makes coaching and lifting weights both painful or just nonproductive, until you begin coaching your again proper.

On this video, I present you an important idea it’s essential to undertake if you wish to not solely overcome your decrease again damage however begin understanding such as you did earlier than getting damage. With a purpose to elevate heavy weights once more (and it’s attainable) it’s good to make sure that you take a two step strategy to your again rehab and coaching.

First, it’s essential to be sure that to work lengthy and onerous on bettering the stamina of your decrease again muscle tissues. The best manner to do that is to focus on together with variations of the basic hyperextension train that I present you. In fact, the identify is inaccurate, as you don’t want to truly hyperextend however somewhat prolong your again from a flexed place to recreate the traditional lumber curvature.

From right here, it’s a must to work on asymmetrically loading your again whereas in extension. You are able to do this by holding a dumbbell in a single hand and attempting to not let it rotate your physique in that path. Durations of 1-2 minutes ought to be the aim right here as you’re employed to regularly improve the stamina of the muscle tissues in your decrease again.


Low again ache is widespread in virtually everybody that lifts in some unspecified time in the future. How shortly you bounce again from it and the way typically it recurs are important. If it’s a must to have surgical procedure due to it, and even metallic implantation for stabilization then you definately can not afford to miss the significance of the sequencing that I’m masking for you right here.

After you construct up your low again muscle endurance in a single workout then it’s good to begin rising the frequency every week that you simply practice your decrease again. Purpose for as much as 4-5 instances per week for a really stabile again.

Lastly, when you could have sufficient stability in your again it’s time to deal with build up your decrease again power to stop low again ache from returning. It’s important that you simply take child steps as you’re employed again to your earlier lifting weights. Persuade your again that you’re answerable for each weight you elevate after which (and solely then) will your again provide the permission to take action.

For a whole workout program that helps you get not solely a robust decrease again however builds core power from the bottom up and the within out, make sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System. Practice like an athlete and appear like an athlete.

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  1. Yes i have worst back muscle pain.. i had to leave gym .. now its 6 months m away from gym … when my pain get away so i can continue to do gym along lower back exercises

  2. I'd start with 10 Seconds and increase by 10 seconds every week until you can reach 1 minute. Then do this multiple times a week every 2 days.
    after that try to increase again by 10 seconds every week until you reach 1 minute 30 and repeat the process until you can reach 2 minutes.

  3. Helo Sir… I am having L4-L5 annular tear…I need your guidance for workouts.
    What kind of benching will decompress the spine? Inclined or declined? Triceps curls to be done inclined or declined inorder to safe lower back?
    Standing biceps curls or inclined biceps curls?
    Can I go more declined to decompress my lower back and bench in tat position ?

  4. Blew out my low back in the hospital when my dad was admitted. I heard a click and then a lot of sharp pain. They told me go to the ER. I went to gym today and did one arm machine rows. My low back was fine. But i didnt attempt dumbell rows. Hell no. Back was not stabalized enough.

  5. Thank you for this video. I'll look around my house for a place to do the first exercise hold.

    I aggravate my low back when I do exercises like dead lifts, squats, and bent over rows where I have to keep my back stable. I hope this helps focus and strengthen my back.

    Thanks again Jeff

  6. Thanks Jeff for this awesome video. Any suggestions on how to perform the first exerrcise ( the "not-hyper-extension one" you do on that bike) at home ? Without using the bike I mean…?

  7. I will try this, I got my lower back injury from digging trenches, wearing too heavy of a backpack, usually with too many fishing supplies, and finally the cherry on top was, going too heavy for my core frame, while curling, I work with genetically bigger guys, and I try to lift more than them because I'm skinny and just have different types of muscles than them, I do this to try and keep up in size, I stopped doing that like 10 months ago, I don't lift, Just Tae Kwon Do and Boxing exercises.. but just sitting upright hurts it and doesn't allow it to heal! Thanks for the Video!!

  8. Thanks man. Suffer with herniated disc and resulting sciatica. Surprisingly, I notice my back flares up more because of leg exercises than back. Not sure which specific exercise but need to find out how to protect the spine doing leg extensions, calf raises, etc.

  9. Good stuff! I've been trying to lose weight and get stronger and have been feeling pretty good… Then leaned over to something light down and my low back tweaked… Couldn't walk for 2 days. Getting better but I want get stronger and not worry that this might happen again! Thanks!

  10. Looking for a way to work the legs that involves no weight on the spine/no chance of injuring lower back, Jeff, are belt squats an ok exercise? (where a kettlebell is suspended from a dip belt, then squats are performed). What about weighted wall squats (your back is pressed against the wall)? I've tried all of your suggested leg exercises, and my back got injured very badly from just the single leg deadlifts in your ax 1 program despite me being as careful as possible with form. Please make a video on back friendly leg exercises.

  11. Today I had a epsd where my L arm had a spike(pain)when I was doing bent rows. I was fine until that moment, got a few spasms mid back which made my lower back hurt. I have DDD, bulging disc so I left light. But now my lower back hurts to where it's hard to walk, roll out of bed, sit to eat. W.D.I.D. to relieve pain bc VA hospital is just gonna Gove me pain meds

  12. Hey Jeff, as always great video. I just had severe lower back pain while doing a squat. I quit my workout right away. I am really horrified at what may have happened. I have been working out consistently for the last year and a half after not working out for six years and just started working with heavier weights then I have ever lifted before. I do not have access to the equipment you were using here. Any other exercises I could do to build the stamina in my lower back that I obviously desperately need?

  13. Thank you! This just clarified a lot of mistakes I did and kept getting the pain worse! But this video pointed out the most important tactic that is working so far. Which is stamina! Safe and not painful cardio based on my injury and slowly building strength! No weights yet , but own body weight exercises

  14. SO sick of my damn back. It gets in the way so much. I am 45, jus started going to the gym 6 months ago. I have pinched nerves and spinal stenosis in my lower spine. Was always afraid of deadlifts. So after a few months I try some, goes good for the first few reps and then…. SNAP. I swore I would never do them again. So today, which is a few months later, I try DL again. Put 160 on it ( I know, sissy weight to most of you), and it feels pretty easy, second set… SNAP. I try to remember so many damn Q's that I have learned, thinking way too much. What sucks is that the weight was not even hard, it was coming up easy.. but this damn back..ugh.. I know it is my form, but I have tried to do everything I have learned, and I just can not seem to stop getting hurt, and that sets me back on all the other lifts for a week or more.

  15. My lower back is always rounded inwards and it’s always been this way ( I guess Lordosis) even though I try to keep it as straight as possible when working out. There isn’t any pain or anything.. is this still normal? Or should this be fixed?

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