Joint Mobility IS NOT Good for Everything (MOBILIZATION OVERDOSE!)

Your coaching shouldn’t be breaking down your joints. Repair it right here

Joint mobility is the fad nowadays in terms of an entire health plan. I’m not saying that it doesn’t play an element in an entire plan nevertheless it higher be a particularly focused half if it’ll be efficient. Folks can have you consider that it’s best to rush out and mobilize each joint that you’ve. That isn’t solely dangerous recommendation however it’s irresponsible.

On this video, I present you the way to begin taking a look at your physique a unique method to achieve a greater understanding of how your joints are arrange. Once you see simply how your kinetic chain operates you not solely get a greater concept of what joints usually tend to want mobilization however why others will profit most from bettering their stability.

When you see this, additionally, you will achieve a greater understanding of the way to decide the true supply of an harm or ache. Most of us will look to the positioning of the ache to attempt to discover what’s flawed. That is typically the worst place to search for the reply. More often than not, the supply of a joints ache is situated both one joint above or under the positioning of discomfort or issues. Within the case of the knee, it’s very seldom the knee itself that’s in charge for the harm. A dysfunctional hip or ankle are much more prone to be the reason for a knee breakdown or harm.

As an illustration, the knee is solely a hinge joint that goes alongside for the experience being decided by the place of the femur above and tibia under. Similar to a prepare rides alongside on a monitor, the knee rides the monitor arrange by these two leg bones. When the ankle shouldn’t be cellular sufficient (or generally even too cellular) it positions the tibia in a manner that makes it prone to throw the knee off it’s monitor or correct motion sample. Then again, a hip that’s too weak won’t be able to manage the adduction or inside rotation that’s prone to occur to the femur which has main repercussions on the knee.

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The reply that many individuals would recommend is to do mobility drills for the ankle and hip (or worse, to easily rub the knee with ice or strengthen the quads)! As a substitute, you want to have an understanding of the way to determine if the hip really wants stability and must be strengthened and if the ankle wants mobility drills to repair the ache.

For an entire coaching program that lets you construct up your physique with out breaking it down, head to and get the whole ATHLEAN-X Coaching System. Prepare like an athlete and never solely construct lean athletic muscle however stop accidents which might be generally seen by different coaching strategies and packages.

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  1. i know this is an old video so you might not see this, but I was wondering if you had any tips for weightlifting with SI joint dysfunction! thanks for the awesome videos!

  2. Jeff, as a PT who is finding it extremely difficult to find reliable sources of information online and even in the library sometimes, I am extremely grateful for your videos. Despite being certified with 3 different certification providers, I don't feel knowledgeable enough to confidently help my clients with many of the issues they are dealing with. I just don't think the certifications such as NASM-CPT and similar are sufficient to make a good PT. They don't even touch on some of the things you mention in your videos and I just wanted to say thank you for being sort of a virtual mentor to many of us.

  3. Would love to see a whole series of exercises adjusted to Hypermobile individuals with a track record of knee and back injuries/surgeries. Basically a whole sub-playlist for ex-athletes turned patients. With Athlean X videos already available I fixed my-self more than the physios I attended over the years.

  4. Hey Jeff, can you please do a video on sacralization of L5 and how it influences the biomechanics and how we can continue to do the core lifts without hurting the back? Thanks in advance!!

  5. seriously the only guy who puts science back into strength on such a easy to understand yet educated way. he is the only guy i will ever trust for anything training, nutrition, PT related.

  6. Hey Jeff, cheers for this!
    I have a lot of hyper mobility in my body and this video has given me a lot of insight into how and what to train when it comes to stability.
    Pretty much most of the advice I see, treats every joint problem as a lack of mobility and so the solution is to stretch the hell out of everything, so you can imagine how that would make the problem worse.
    Do you have anymore advice, for strength training for hyper mobile bodies? Like I said, it's hard to find quality wisdom and so I'd appreciate any help you could provide.

  7. JEFF…I am hyper mobile and it's getting hard to sleep at night and pain is so bad sometimes. Weight training seems a to make it worse. I would love for u to do more videos on joint stability exercises.

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