He Tried Mike Tyson’s Total Body Workout (4,500 REPS!!)

In case you ever puzzled what Mike Tyson’s complete physique workout appeared like that helped him to pack on ripped, thick muscle then that is one you’ll want to watch. Right here I present you the precise body weight complete physique workout routine that Iron Mike Tyson adopted to rise to the highest of the ranks of boxing and has now helped him to get again in form to step again within the ring on the age of 53.

There’s a huge false impression that Mike relied on heavy weights and lengthy workouts to construct muscle when he was in his prime. In actual fact, it wasn’t till he was launched from jail that he began to include the weights that he had been lifting when behind bars, into his regular battle prep. The entire muscle that he had constructed earlier in his prime had come from calisthenic workouts that consisted of extraordinarily excessive quantity and reps that hit each muscle in his physique.

The precise body weight complete physique workout that has been reported is as follows:

50 or 100 reps of Bench Dips
50 or 100 reps of Pushups
50 or 100 reps of Weighted Shrugs (bar solely)
100 or 200 reps of Full Sit-Ups
100 or 200 reps of Body weight Squats

The selection between the upper and decrease rep totals needed to do with whether or not Mike Tyson’s workout was going to be carried out 5 or 10 occasions in a given day.

For instance, if he opted to do that grueling workout 10 occasions, then he would solely carry out the decrease rep counts for every of the overall physique exercises talked about above. If he was going to carry out your entire workout simply 5 occasions in a given day then he would do the upper rep counts every time.

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By no means one to again down from a problem, Athlean-X’s Jesse determined to aim to do a full day of this Mike Tyson workout plan. All informed, he needed to carry out 4500 reps in a 24 hour interval. Evidently, this wasn’t simple. By the point Jesse had logged his last rep of the day his abs had been burning, legs had been on hearth, chest was unable to help him by way of one other pushup and his traps had been blown up.

Do you assume you may survive this Mike Tyson Whole Physique Body weight Exercise routine?

The larger query is, do you assume it even has any advantages?

I’m right here to inform you that it completely does. There’s a huge mistake that individuals make that they assume body weight workouts will not be able to constructing greater muscle mass. This couldn’t be farther from the reality. A properly designed body weight workout routine can completely construct huge muscle mass. Have a look at the our bodies of many Olympic gymnasts and you should have all of the proof that you must show that heavy doses of calisthenic exercises are able to packing on muscle mass.

The commerce off when dropping the quantity of load utilized in your workouts nonetheless is that you just both should construction the body weight workouts in such a means in order to extend the general affect and depth or that you must dramatically improve the quantity of the workout. Right here, whereas the depth absolutely wasn’t low, it was the great spike in rep quantity and workout frequency (it was stated that he carried out this complete physique workout 6 days per week) that was chargeable for the muscle mass that Mike Tyson carried round throughout his prime.

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Past this, many individuals will ask about Mike Tyson’s weight loss plan. It’s identified that he has not too long ago dropped lots of weight in preparation for his upcoming battle with Roy Jones Jr. After going vegan a couple of years again, he was in a position to drop nearly 100 kilos of extra fats off his physique. He has since begun to reincorporate meat into his weight loss plan, as he says he does so responsibly, whereas on the identical time limiting his consumption of processed carbs.

He additionally elevated his cardio an ideal deal, nonetheless I’m first to inform you that in case you are keen to be extraordinarily strict in your weight loss plan then the cardio isn’t as needed with regards to fats loss. After all, as an athlete and a human being the conditioning is significant to a wholesome coronary heart however as a fats loss device by itself it simply isn’t as efficient as getting your weight loss plan in verify.

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  2. I think today i try one of my creation.. warm 1 min jumping jack,1min butt kicks. 1.20 v ups. 2.45 sec switching mountain climbers. 3.45 sec bicycles (perfect form)4.20 side to side push ups.5.45 sec seated in out (like jack knives) 6.25 jump squat taps.7.20 mike tyson push ups.8.1min plank side to side rotation. 9.1min plank alt.with full arm extension.10 .45 sec switching lunges . X5… rounds ?max 2min rest between rounds I try🙂

  3. Muscular endurance is far more important than size and even strength when it comes to this sport. Explosiveness matters too. That being said you won’t be the biggest person doing this, but it will most definitely build you a solid physique.

  4. I am doubting this routine because the 10 vs 5 makes no sense. If someone did the 10 times per day and they started at 6am did 1 workout every 2 hours…they would start at 6am and they wouldn't finish till after midnight. That doesn't sound like a normal routine although I get Mike worked hard. I think it's slightly exaggerated.

  5. Mike also did a special modified type of push-up with his feet pressed against the wall, it was like a push-up squat. Mike also did a lot of Jump rope with squatting double jumps worked in. Mike also did those crazy neck crunch exercises. Mike got up at 4am & ran 4+ miles outside, he often did this in the freezing winter months. He also did all the boxing training, 10 rounds on the heavy bad, then the pad work with his trainer Teddy Atlas & Kevin Rooney working the combos & slipping, he trained with their patented slip bag, then sparring 15 rounds. Even Lennox and Holyfield both said that no one trained as hard as Mike did in the days, they both said they were lucky to have fought him later on after his prime after prison. A 1986-1990 version of Mike was extremely disciplined and could of beat anyone.

  6. Lost all respect for Tyson after he chewed on Holyfield's ear, and bragged that the best punch he ever thrrew was at Robin Given's. So I honestly could care less what he does or says today.

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