DK Metcalf 1.6% Body Fat – THE TRUTH!

NFL Prospect Huge Receiver D.Ok. Metcalf is the speak of the combines after registering a 1.6 p.c physique fats degree and showcasing a mixture of athleticism not often seen. On this video, I’m going to reply the query of whether or not or not I imagine this physique fats studying to be correct, and much more importantly, wholesome for a aggressive athlete.

While you initially take a look at D.Ok. you understand that he’s definitely in unbelievable form. He has a degree of muscularity not usually seen in different large receivers and no person would argue he has low physique fats ranges. The query is, whether or not they’re to be believed to be at such an extremely low degree comparable to 1.6 p.c fats.

When you think about the popular technique of testing within the NFL Mix it turns into obvious fairly rapidly that the reported quantity is probably going not correct. You see, the combines have been utilizing the Bod Pod to find out physique fats ranges for nearly 13 years now. This type of fats evaluation depends on quantity displacement of air (similar to the underwater testing being a volumetric measurement of water displacement).

The information is collected and the physique fats degree is decided by a critical of mathematical calculations, not precise limb by limb measurements. The accuracy of those readings can error by as a lot as 5 p.c physique fats. When you think about that this might apply to the measurements Metcalf acquired you understand that this might take his physique fats ranges all the way in which as much as between a six and 7 p.c fats.

Simply this season, the NFL began to make use of the DEXA scan as a further measurement of physique fats within the competing athletes. Whereas extra correct as a result of knowledge being decided by a sequence of particular measurements, there may be nonetheless a margin of error right here and the information is extra complete making it extra diffitcult to simply spit out a fast reply. So far, this in depth evaluation is privy solely to the scouting departments of those groups and the media doesn’t have entry to them.

Whatever the precise validity of the quantity, what ought to be extra regarding to you is whether or not or not this low a physique fats degree is even fascinating. Some might not like the way in which it seems to be aesthetically, however I’m not going to get into that since that is because of private preferences. As a substitute, we need to take a look at the science of such a physique fats degree and the medical considerations with being this low.

It isn’t unusual for individuals at lower than 5 p.c physique fats to have adverse hormonal implications, impacting their testosterone ranges and their virility. Past that nevertheless, the perform of the mind might be extremely impaired. Mind fog, confusion, and lack of focus are all dangers of carrying too low of a physique fats degree that undoubtedly don’t combine properly with being a excessive performing athlete.

Add within the excessive danger of joint harm that happens from having poor lubrication of the joints at too low of physique fats degree and you’ve got the recipe for a catastrophe. The secret’s to take care of fats within the 8 to 12 p.c vary to permit for max efficiency with out having to danger getting too low within the pursuit of it.

In case you’re in search of a whole meal plan and workout program that may allow you to to get to those ranges of physique fats safely and maintain you there long run, head to the hyperlink under and take a look at the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System. Begin coaching and consuming like an athlete and you can be shocked how rapidly you alter the way in which you feel and look.

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  2. Just started watching this video you haven't even started it but there's no way he's got 1% body fat now I'm going to watch the video if I'm wrong I'll respond

  3. Of course people would draft him now, in a heartbeat, but go back 20 years to that combine and I guarantee the answer isn't the same lol

  4. When I competed in track in college we did regular body fat measurements (impedance systems). Invariably, I ran my best times between 3.5-4.5%. When I fell below 2.5% I got sick, at one point including walking pneumonia that kept me out of practice for a month.

  5. His abs are popped out that means he has a balanced muscular system meaning that his abs need fat and protein to be maintained ain't no way he's 1.6%💀💀

  6. I didn’t know the position u were saying 😂 my defensive end better be pressing weight I don’t want too be blitzing with him if he ain’t but if my qb don’t bench that’s fine but Tom is one and life time gem

  7. PED users should have their own category to compete, as who doesn't wanna see the 100 meters sprinted in a few seconds, so long as all participants involved in the sport have it equal, game on 💪

  8. For your average genetic freak like him, tyreek, and the other .02% of humanity that low of body fat isn’t that bad. Not fun but do-able. For the the other 99.8% of humans, to obtain that, you would literally have to be going through starvation to do so

  9. In college he had stiffness problems and injuries. Once he got to the NFL they said OK DK let's take it easy on the muscles this isn't a body building contest lol. But man DK is good

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