Hello guys, in the present day I am explaining the distinction between lululemon wunder beneath and lululemon align leggings.

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  1. I take proper care of my aligns but they always pill in between the thighs even in a few months. Athleta elation leggings are similar but thicker and do pill but I think they hold up better.

  2. Okay so if I’m an 8 in the aligns but they’re a little big do you think I could make a 6 in the wunder under work? There’s a pair on Poshmark I want but they’re a 6 and I don’t have a lululemon near me to try that size 😅

  3. I have the problem of the size 2 Align fitting me perfect on the waist but see through on the butt. I sized up and now they feel lose and not as amazing 😭 I had the same problem with the wonder under. The size 4 perfect but a little see through so I sized up to a 6. I constantly have to pull them up throughout the day. At checkout i explained all this to the girl who had been helping me. I was told that it must of been default leggings that I tried on because none of their leggings were see through and never has happened to her. I wish I could take you shopping with me lol 💛

  4. My first pair of lulu leggings were the the wunder under leggings and I loved them until I got the align leggings and they’re so amazing. I now realize that the wunder under kinda slip down a lot and I feel like I’m constantly pulling them up. They don’t feel too big and I even sized down from my normal size. Idk if I should still size down.

  5. I really hate when people suggest sizing down in the leggings. Their sizes run at least a size smaller than US sizes as it is. If you get them too small the integrity of the fabric will break down much faster because it's pulled tighter everywhere.

  6. i’m thinking about purchasing the align leggings, but i normally a size 2. im afraid that a size 0 would be too small for me, but would you recommend sizing down?

  7. Which legging would u say is more flattering? would u say the wunder under looks the same on ur body as the align? I have aligns and they fit so good so I was wondering if the wunder under kinda look the same 😂

  8. I have like 30 fast and frees and speed ups. I don’t workout with anything without pockets and less than a 28” inseam. So those are my only options. I never turn those inside out. I have to use hot water and set my washer to sanitize. Those have still lasted forever! Totally worth the money.

  9. i don't have enough lululemon/sportswear items to wash as one load since it will be a waste of water. Is it ok if I put my aligns in a laundry bag and wash it with my other clothes? (such as cotton shirts, jeans, etc.)

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