Bodyweight Workout (That WON'T Leave You SKINNY!!)

Need a body weight workout program that will not trigger you to lose muscle?

Most body weight workout routines lead to a lack of muscle mass primarily based primarily on the truth that they’re made up of predominantly conditioning exercises. You probably have discovered that this has occurred to you when doing all of your body weight workout, then it is time to cease the madness and begin coaching with exercises that can assist you to to construct muscle.

On this video, I present you a workout with body weight exercises that can assist you to so as to add muscle. The exercises are executed in such a means that you simply get a duel profit from them. Right here, you’ll alternate muscle constructing body weight exercises with conditioning to enhance each your anaerobic power and cardiac capability.

One of these double risk coaching is named ATHLEAN Burst coaching.

To carry out this “Elevating Cane” body weight solely workout you do not want any gear in any respect. All you want is your individual physique and a little bit area to maneuver it round!

Your activity is to carry out the next 4 exercises to their said rep or time aim with out having to relaxation or take a break on the way in which. For those who do, then you have to face the “grinch”, 5 reps of one thing we name the Triple Skyfall!

This is what your body weight work out seems like:

50 Reps Prowler Pushups
2 Minutes of Alternating Facet Kickthroughs
50 Reps of Reverse Pushups (sliding to make it harder)
2 Minutes of Alpine Climbers


Punishment for failing in your technique to any of those rep or time objectives consists of a cut up squat leap right into a tuck leap right into a burpee! Carry out 5 of those and get proper again on monitor to your rep aim.

It is body weight workouts like this that assist you to so as to add muscle dimension and mass. Relying solely on conditioning sort exercises is pure madness, particularly for those who assume you’re going to construct muscle that means!

For an entire no gear workout that lets you construct muscle quick, make sure to try the 6 week ATHLEAN XERO program at

For extra movies on cool body weight exercises and workouts, dietary supplements and diet that can assist you get ripped and construct athletic muscle…make sure to subscribe to our channel on youtube at

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  1. I completed xero 2 below and I am nearly finished with 1 below , huge improvements (strength, bigger muscles, weight). Looking forward to starting the complete xero part. Thank you Jeff for the great program and for all the YouTube videos

  2. The xero program is not at all for beginners . Its extremely hard . Diamond push ups in first week? The exercises are very hard and you should only buy if you are advanced

  3. During this lockdown I was looking for some at home fitness program. I ended up buying Xero and… I'm disappointed.
    I love Jeff's contents on youtube but this workout program really disappointed me and I'll explain why:
    – the video production is really low, sometime he speaks and some hard rock kicks in, I love hard rock but man, not while I'm listening to you
    – the instruction videos are mute (maybe a bug?), no hints no explanation. You have a lot of technical movements that should be explained a lot better
    – there is no follow along video (I know, thta's just my taste, it keeps me motivated)
    – the user experience is clumsy, you basically have to spend 5/10 per session to memorize the workout and doing a lot of clicks around even during the workout itself
    – the "back and bicep" excercise are really a limitation, a swap option with a bar should be needed even because…
    – sold as no equipment workout and then the "door frame pullups"! Really? WTF man, which frames do you have at home?
    – I hate the six pack shuffle, again a lot of clicking around during the workout, it breaks the rythm of it, adding some core work at the end of the workout would be better in my opinion
    – there is no cool-down (if you buy this please do it, your neck/shoulder/hamstring/back will thank you)

  4. I’ve been in the military for 11 years and have done various workouts. This one was like a big slice of humble pie. Thank you Jeff. I bought your athlete zero program and it’s fantastic!

  5. Hi Jeff, I like your bicepses. Nice ones.
    Is there any silicone or oil implanted and which type do you recommend to inject and how often to renew the procedure?
    The reverse push up is new to me, looks great, is it allowed to use both legs? Are you sure those exercises are not for shredding only?

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