Biceps Workout “Finisher” (HARDEST 10 REPS EVER!!)

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The proper solution to finish your subsequent biceps workout is with the right bicep workout finisher. On this video, I present you a 3 train drop set achieved on the finish of your biceps workout routine to push you previous your limits into all new ranges of development. All you will want to do it’s a single pair of dumbbells, a resistance band and a pullup bar making this good for both a health club or dwelling biceps workout.

You’ll want to reduce or remove your relaxation time between parts of this drop set to maximise its effectiveness. With a purpose to try this, place your self beneath your pullup bar and place your dumbbells and resistance band very shut close by. Now you’re prepared to start.

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Now, you’re prepared in your bicep workout finisher. Begin by leaping as much as your pullup bar and performing what I name a destructive chin dangle. The aim with this train is to ensure that your elbows are bent to the correct angle all through. With a purpose to make the biceps do a lot of the work you’ll want to remember to maintain your elbows bent not more than 90 levels. If they’re bent greater than that, you’ll shift the main target extra to your lats and never on the muscle tissue you are attempting to work right here.

The aim is to carry your physique up with the power of your biceps as you forcefully contract them. Combat the resistance to decrease and let the eccentric contraction of the biceps maintain you up for so long as you’ll be able to. As quickly as you hit the bottom, instantly attain in your tubing and carry out as many band curls as you’ll be able to till your biceps both pop otherwise you attain failure!

From right here, seize the dumbbells that you’d usually use in your 10 rep max on a standing dumbbell curl and begin repping. Along with your biceps muscle tissue fried as a lot as they’re already you’ll seemingly discover it arduous to finish greater than a single rep or two. Nonetheless many you end, take a ten second relaxation and go proper again as much as the pullup bar to repeat the complete circuit once more. Your finisher isn’t over till you might have accomplished all 10 reps of the standing dumbbell curls.

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  1. It would be great to see if old school body builders like Frank Zane have anything to add to videos like these. Thank you for the great content.

  2. 2:10 "Keep pumping 'em out until you can't get any more or your biceps pop"

    Um, excuse me what?! What the fuck does that mean and how do I make sure that never happens ever? Is he talking about tearing your bicep??

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