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6 pack abs are a fast indication of 1’s stage of physique fats, and an on the spot consideration grabber when they don’t seem to be solely carved up however muscular as properly. On this video, I’m going to point out you the very best 6 pack abs workout tip which you can begin incorporating instantly to start making your ab workouts far more efficient.

Earlier than even placing the tip into motion utilizing completely different ab exercises, first begin by simply sitting down and working towards the motion. Whereas seated, contract your abs and spot how tight they really feel. Now, make only one change and cross your legs over one another. Pull your knees collectively to activate the adductor muscle groups on the insides of your thighs and contract once more. Do you discover a way more intense and stronger contraction of your abs? You must and it’s as a result of your anatomy offers you this capacity that we frequently overlook.

The rectus abdominis muscle attaches to the pelvis from the highest down, whereas the adductor muscle groups connect to the pelvis from the underside up. With out stabilization of the pelvis from beneath, the contraction of the abs and ensuing pull on the pelvis is commonly met with much less stress than it might be had the pelvis been stabilized from the opposite facet as properly. By merely activating the adductors and squeezing the knees collectively you’ll have stabilized the bottom of help and supplied a a lot tougher abs contraction with each rep.


That is straightforward to implement since you actually don’t even want a towel, as I present you within the video. You’ll be able to simply merely squeeze your knees collectively to activate the muscle groups and preserve them like that as you carry out each rep of your 6 pack abs workouts. The towel acts as a visible reinforcement for you since in case you aren’t squeezing laborious sufficient, it is going to drop to the ground.

This tip can be utilized on just about each ab train (aside from people who require you to separate your legs aside like a scissor for instance). Right here I present you methods to apply this to a dangling leg elevate, a 90 diploma ab crunch, and a seated abs knee tuck. You could discover that you just do fewer reps due to incorporating this tip however that’s not an issue. In relation to getting 6 pack abs the standard of the reps will at all times trump the amount.

If you’re on the lookout for a workout program that stresses high quality over amount and will get a lot quicker outcomes due to it, then head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System. Begin coaching not simply your abs however your complete physique like an athlete and you may be shocked at simply how briskly you can begin packing on lean athletic muscle.

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  1. I can see that Jeff really know his shit but i have to disagree on this one. There's more than just one method. That's the beauty of being a human, pick a method that's suits you.
    There's guys out there who just do 200 press ups and 200 squats a day, others bar work, others gymnastic, etc etc etc. So long has you get the results safely in a fashion that is sustainable, then what does it matter. You can't pigeon hole the entire human race Jeff to your exercise anymore than you can force people to listen to 1 style of music worldwide. Keep up the good work though.

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