7 Minute Ab Workout (6 PACK PROMISE!)

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The most important mistake individuals make once they do their ab workout is that they spend an excessive amount of time doing it. Spending any greater than 10 minutes coaching your abs is a colossal error since this can be very pointless so as to see outcomes. Your abs reply finest to onerous, intense exercises completed for a brief time period however completed constantly over the course of many days. On this video, I’m going to indicate you a 7 minute ab workout that proves all you want is depth and never size for good abs.

This whole ab workout could be completed on the ground with none tools in any respect. It’ll cowl the entire main capabilities of the ab muscle groups and incorporate different muscle groups of the core as properly such because the obliques. The bottom line is that you will transfer from one train to the subsequent with out resting. You earn one 30 second relaxation on the midpoint of the workout however that’s it.

For those who hold the exercises shifting you by no means give your abs an opportunity to breathe, so to talk. You apply the depth after which step on the fuel all through the remainder of the workout. This enables the workout to remain tough even when the person ab exercises themselves usually are not essentially the most difficult that you’ve carried out.

This one begins with a backside up motion (that additionally tends to include a number of rotation as properly) and that is the determine 8. For the determine 8, you might be actually doing what it says and shifting your legs within the form of an 8 laying on its facet. This forces you to not mix two of the more difficult motion patterns into one train however does so if you end up freshest and most able to doing it uncompromised.


Subsequent you progress onto the lengthy leg windshield wipers. If that is too tough for you, you’ll be able to shorten the second arm and bend the legs moderately than retaining them straight. This primarily lightens the load felt by the abs and permits you to carry out the train if the lengthy leg variation is just too tough to keep up for your complete 60 seconds.

This strikes onto the twisting piston train. This can be a plank variation however rather more efficient due to the dynamic nature of it. You not solely need to have the energy to stabilize your physique to keep away from extreme motion right here, however the plyometric side of the mini jumps, turns your core right into a shock absorber as properly and permits it to be rather more useful on the similar time.

Lastly, a properly deserved 30 second relaxation break.

Come out of the break and go proper into the Starfish Crunch. This one is not any joke! Maintain each your legs and arms out huge as you carry out this six pack train and twist to 1 facet as you come up. This will likely be each a midrange and prime down rotational motion, with the additional benefit of hitting the indirect muscle groups as properly.

Lastly, end with 2 minutes of rotational ab circles. This one is the best to carry out, however since we saved it for final within the ab workout, will really feel rather more tough (and efficient). Ensure you give this entire ab workout a attempt to see how rather more you are able to do in simply 7 minutes in case you are making use of your ab coaching ideas correctly.

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For an entire workout program and meal plan that features this actual ab shuffle workout characteristic, remember to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System. Prepare your abs like a professional athlete and see how a lot stronger and extra ripped they will change into within the course of.

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  1. Jefff you’ve been here for me in my darkest times, motivated me when I’ve let my fitness slip away from me and put me in the best shape of my life time and time again. Taught me how to control my eating and I’ve lost over 50 lbs using your follow along videos.
    I’ve gained it back during some hard times but I’m back at it and in just two weeks already down 20lbs. This time it stays off for good! Cant wait to see that six pack once again!
    You’re a true hero!

    My workout:
    500yard sprint
    -Bearcrawls up hill 3 sets of 5
    Superset w/ 10 burpee’s
    – 7min ab workout (6 pack promise)
    -Home chest workout | 10 minutes (FOLLOW ALONG!
    -work out to get lower abs fast (7 Minutes!)
    -15 minute arm workout (Dumbbells only) – Fraser Wilson
    -10 MINUTE AB WORKOUT // 6 PACK ABS // No equipment | Athlene X
    -Brutal 6 pack abs workout (6 minutes of pain!)
    -best home an workout | 10 minutes (Guaranteed)
    7 days a week.

  2. i got a 4 pack in 2 weeks i got a 6 pack in a month and a half and got my 50 year old dad who never had a 6 pack one in a month. diet gotta be clean yall but this is pretty much my whole ab workout

  3. Aye Jeff!!! "Don't worry about how you just concentrate on finishing " lil pep talk on the last set of upper circle motivation..shit don't help though..them bitches still hurt!! Been following for 7 years now!!💪🏾👊🏾

  4. Going to comment for my personal diary:

    Day 1: Tough! Was really struggling on the twisting pistons
    Day 2: Yup, twisting pistons still gassing me out quickly but I did finish it all
    Day 3: Taking small 5 sec breaks in between twisting pistons now and rewinding 10s to make up for lost time
    Day 4: Only took one quick break during twisting pistons!
    Day 5: Had a rough day and lacking sleep but still pulled through the routine today
    Day 6: Feeling the burn 😮‍💨
    Day 7: One week down!
    Day 8: Getting easier and starting to see the upper abs popping out a bit, gotta do some cardio too
    Day 9: Did hanging leg raises at the gym (Skipped today)
    Day 10: Upper circles crunches making me feel like puking
    Day 11: Extra tired today but finished it
    Day 12: Done!
    Day 13: Killed those upper circles 😤
    Day 14: Skipped (cardio day)
    Day 15: Done right after more cardio
    Day 16: Experiencing lower back pain going to have to take a break

    Overall, this ab routine has helped with my core strength which in return have helped with my big 3 lifts, I feel more stable in all my exercises and will continue with hanging leg raises and an oblique machine at my gym!

  5. Gonna start doing this everyday, my abs have been lacking! Might update as I go too.

    Edit: Didn't start yet because of school work, but I'm finally free. Updates will be below this text.

    Day 1: I had to take micro breaks of about 5 or more seconds while doing certain exercises. Gonna try powering through them tomorrow tho!

  6. only move I could do properly was the last one. it was the tuck plank and the starfish that made me feel like a dangling spaghetti. I can't keep my balance in the plank without shifting my body weight to the opposite side when tucking. starfish had me ragdolling like a Bethesda game. twisting pistons is hard when you're barefeet.

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