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lululemon leggings

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  1. I love my Costco leggings ❤️…. I didn’t even know they were comparable to the other company 😂 My Costco leggings are soft, don’t roll down and aren’t see thru. If you are a big booty girl like me 😉 you know what I’m talking about !

  2. Lululemon leggings are literally just regular leggings that some people are stupid enough to overpay for. There's nothing special about ANY of their products. You can find super cheap equivalents on Amazon for anything with their problematic name on it. After what we all know about Lululemon by now, anyone dumb enough to buy their cheap a$$ stuff deserves to be slammed.

  3. Might look the same but how do they last? Stretch? Idk, my lulu's have lasted a super long time.
    I'm sure the name is partly responsible but I'm sure there are other participating factors re production or quality.

  4. Hahaha. You should try Costco’s vodka next, it’s literally grey goose rebottled. They’re great at purchasing others items, rebranding with the Kirkland label & selling it far cheaper. Also the case of beer they sell have like 4 more beers in them depending on the brand you pick.

  5. Lululemon has always been a rip-off. Furthermore, they impose unrealistic and damaging expectations on their employees. Look up Lululemon murder (that chapter has an episode on youtube). Fabletics are much cheaper and in my opinion better quality. ❤🤗🙏

  6. Moved to the Netherlands 2 years ago, and I STILL have my mom get these at Costco & send them to me, halfway across the planet! They're incredible! I pray they still have these long after they've abandoned the $5 rotisserie chickens!

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