8 Minute Arm Workout (SHOCK YOUR ARMS!)

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The important thing to any arm workout is depth. There isn’t any higher approach to make sure the depth of a workout than to take the conventional quantity you’d do and condense it right into a a lot shorter time period. On this video, I present you an arm workout with simply 4 biceps and triceps exercises that you could full in 8 minutes or much less that may spark all types of arm positive aspects.

The setup for the workout is simple. All you want is a single pair of dumbbells, a bench that you could regulate to an incline and a pullup bar. You need to begin with simply two arm exercises, the arms out incline curl in your biceps and the incline dumbbell triceps extensions for the muscular tissues on the opposite facet of your arm. Select a weight that you could carry out 12 reps to failure on in your weaker of the 2 exercises. On this case it’s the triceps extension for me.

Begin by performing a set of the arms out incline curls to failure. As quickly as you can not full one other rep carry the dumbbells up overhead and go proper into your overhead triceps extensions. Right here once more, it would be best to go till you can not carry out one other high quality rep and your triceps are fatigued. Again once more to the incline curl the place you need to carry out as many reps as you’ll be able to to failure. You retain bouncing forwards and backwards between these two arm exercises till you’ll be able to’t full any extra significant reps.

It will occur reasonably quick as a result of as you fatigue in a single arm muscle group you should have a shorter relaxation time earlier than having to finish reps for the opposite muscle. By advantage of this quick relaxation time you’ll finally fail out in each exercises. At this level nonetheless, you’re solely half approach by your workout. This occurred in simply 4 minutes for me.

Transfer on instantly to the following pair of exercises on this 8 minute arm workout. Right here you need to do a bicep chin curl maintain. The objective right here is to squeeze your biceps as onerous as you’ll be able to to take care of your place on the bar. At the same time as you fatigue you need to preserve attempting to contract your arms as onerous as you’ll be able to and battle the drop. As soon as you can not maintain it anymore, go proper to the ground and crank out reps of the cobra pushup.

You need to consider squeezing the triceps onerous on the high of each pushup. The profit to this triceps train over others is that you simply end along with your arm in extension behind your physique so you’re actively contracting the lengthy head of the triceps as properly. Rep out and get again up on the bar once more. Hold alternating these biceps and triceps exercises till you as soon as once more can not carry out any extra significant reps of both train.

It’s an arm workout like this that may persuade you of what I say all that point and that’s, you’ll be able to both work out lengthy or onerous however you can not do each. On this intense 8 minute arm workout you’ll push your arms to the restrict and get an unbelievable workout very quickly in any respect. In case you are searching for extra workouts that assist you to to commerce in workout size for depth, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System.

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  1. Wow, that was much more effective than expected, thank you!
    I was ready to say goodbye to working out due to lack of time, and ended up feeling more strengthened than when I dedicated half an hour to arm exercises.
    Can you make a "shock your **antagonistic muscles**" series? I'd especially love a lats-and-shoulders one, and a back-and-chest one. With only dumbells or resistance bands,
    not all of us have dip bars or barbells. I noticed most your full- back workouts rely on dip bars but we can't even do 1-2 full body lifts if we don't first lift something lighter :/

  2. Do see the whole video, it's very informative and wastes no word.
    A) DB (bench) :
    1:20 bi's wide incline curl +
    1:44 tri's incline OH extension
    Combined : 2:16
    B) (dip bar) 3:15 double bicep flex (isometric hold) + (floor) 3:45 cobra pushups
    4 total exercises. Back and forth to double failure.

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