Workout for Massive Back, Traps and Biceps!

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Exercise for Large Again, Traps and Biceps!

00:00 Again Traps & Biceps Exercise
00:06 Lat Pull Downs
00:30 One Arm Dumbbell Row
00:58 One Arm Barbell Bent-over Row
01:27 Underhand Barbell Row
01:55 Barbell Standing Shrug
02:18 Dumbbell Standing Shrug
02:41 Dumbbell Hammer Curl

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  1. Remember, 40-60% in this video are roids. Other are for social media.
    CONSISTENCY is all you need. And it's hard. But EVERYONE can do this!
    Just keep it going.
    You will feel better not worse.

  2. 3 of these exercises, the dB rows, single arm BB row and standing BB row, they're all the same exercise. You want a big back, pulldowns/pull-ups. Rack pulls and rows. It's all you need, you don't tonnes of garbage exercises.

    Give this giant set a go.

    Rack pulls X6
    dB Rows X12
    Pulldowns X25

    Do this 3 times with no rest between exercises and 90s rest between sets. That'll grow your back

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