Why Do I Drool When I Sleep? 5 Likely Causes

Everybody wakes up occasionally with drool on their cheek and pillow. Drooling in your sleep can undoubtedly be embarrassing, but it surely’s additionally extremely frequent. Medical specialists say it’s often nothing to fret about, however if you happen to’ve ever puzzled why folks drool of their sleep, there are some things you must know. 

“In the course of the day, you’re vertical and saliva will get swallowed with the assistance of your mouth, tongue, and throat muscle mass and gravity,” says Dr. Marri Horvat, MD, MS, neurologist and sleep specialist with Cleveland Clinic’s Sleep Disorders Center. “If you sleep, you’re usually horizontal and this takes away the advantage of gravity. Moreover, generally your mouth place limits how effectively your muscle mass can work at managing your saliva.”

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