The PERFECT Forearm Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

The right forearm workout ought to encompass exercises for not simply wrist extension and flexion however different vital forearm actions as nicely. That stated, even that doesn’t make the forearm workout full. In an effort to spherical out your forearms with a nicely rounded workout you could fill within the gaps of what’s missing on these fashionable forearm exercises and put science again in your coaching. That’s what we do on this video.

The issue with wrist curls and extensions isn’t simply that they prepare merely a fraction of what the forearms are able to but in addition in that many individuals do these two exercises incorrectly. As an illustration, should you have a look at the wrist curls for the palm aspect of your forearms you will notice two main errors in performing them both together with your elbows rested on a bench or standing with the bar in entrance of your thighs.

First, the gravity loaded nature of each will are inclined to push the bar additional into the fingers as you fatigue. That is very problematic provided that we have now already recognized in nice element how the pressure on the distal finger tendons is among the commonest causes of medial elbow tendonitis and flare ups. The second main concern, significantly within the standing curl variation, is the tendency of the biceps to need to contribute to the curl and take over for the forearms. This may lead to an understimulated and underdeveloped forearm muscle.

As a substitute, it would be best to flip your hand over and carry out the susceptible wrist curl proven within the video. Some great benefits of this will not be solely that they eradicate the contribution of the biceps to the train however it additionally prevents pressure on the elbow. Keep in mind, forearm work is commonly achieved a number of instances per week given their excessive tolerance to quantity and predominance of sluggish twitch muscle fibers. Accumulating excessive quantity in a compromised setup will likely be magnified right here and have to be averted.

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In between all units of this good forearm workout you’re going to do among the finest sluggish twitch forearm muscle activators – the farmers carry. Seize a pair of heavier dumbbells and stroll one lap across the health club again to the place to begin to carry out your second and last set of every train. If you’re simply beginning out you’ll be able to carry out only one carry per train when you’re splitting up proper and left sides to ease into the general quantity.

Subsequent you need to carry out your reverse wrist extensions for the highest sides of your forearms standing as nicely. It is because when carried out on the sting of a bench you typically instances will take away the strain from the forearms within the peak contracted state (not what you need to do if you’re attempting to construct larger forearms). When achieved in standing, I favor to do them as a reverse wrist roll for time paired up in ladder fashion with a reverse barbell curl to hit the brachioradialis (one other outstanding muscle within the forearm).

An entire forearm workout may also not neglect to incorporate exercises for radial and ulnar deviation in addition to supination and pronation to hit the entire key features of the world. Deep finger flexors are additionally built-in to make sure to not overlook the significance these muscle groups play on the general measurement of the forearm given all of their muscle bellies lie throughout the forearm itself.

Right here is methods to assemble the right forearm workout:

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1. PRONE WRIST CURLS – 2 x 12-15RM **

A. REVERSE WRIST ROLLS x 1,2,3,4, and so forth seconds
B. REVERSE BARBELL CURLS x 1,2,3,4 and so forth reps

3. RADIAL / ULNAR DEVIATION – 2 x 12-15RM **

4. SUPINATION / PRONATION – 2 x 12-15RM **



While you put this collectively within the format as I’m suggesting right here, you not solely now hit the forearms by their full vary of movement however you hit each perform of the this multi joint influenced muscle group as nicely. The supersets and ladders enable for an intensification of the workout to make sure that you’re creating sufficient overload to spark development in these muscle groups.

This is only one instance of methods to apply science to your forearm workouts. If you wish to prepare like an athlete you need to put science again in each workout you do. You are able to do that with the ATHLEAN-X Coaching Applications obtainable at or click on the hyperlink under and get began immediately on constructing a ripped, muscular, athletic physique.

For extra forearm workout movies that additionally hit the brachioradialis and assist to construct larger arms, be sure you subscribe to our channel right here on youtube on the hyperlink under and don’t neglect to activate notifications so that you by no means miss one.

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  1. Hey just watched this video. I was
    looking for different variations. I have a serious joint issue on my right thumb near the base. I used to body build in the later 80's. I was working to compete in the NPC 1984 New Port Beach classics. Then got married and went to shit. I have M.S. whith that my muscles had suffered.
    Bottom line is you said something that I liked. Exercising with the walk and carry for incase survival issues. Dude I like that. 👍

  2. Jeff, I have put together a great idea to increase your forearms. A closet pole dowel about 13 inches long. Drill a hole in the middle for a small rope. Rope about 3+ feet long. Attach a 10 to 15 lb weight at on end. Other end rope goes through hole on dowell & tied off w/ knott. Now roll up the rope on dowell fully. Let rope unwind fully. Do at least 10 roll ups. I guarentee your arms will be lite up, do more rolls to increase the burn or add more weight. My idea is way better, I guarentee it.

  3. Could you make a video about how to specifically train the lower part of the forearms, especially close to the wrist? for me that's what I'm focused on, my forearms grow just fine from non specific exercises and are actually a bit oversized compared to my upper arms, but I just don't like that visible drop off In bulk somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 from the elbow

  4. You just saved my freaking Elbows with this vid. No way I can thank you enough. And you're the only trainer I've ever heard to say this. I feel like I hit the lotto except better!!!!!

  5. Okay I'm using an easy bar for my curls I'm doing three sets of 12 and then like you're doing with the reverse curls or wrist curls I'm doing three sets of 12 to 15 and I'm wondering what is the rest. In between regular curls and reverse curls TU

  6. This is a great video. It helped me with my forearms. But one question I have is what great exercises could I do with only having dumbbells? Because some people don’t have access to machines and pull up bars.

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