The ONLY 3 Chest Exercises You Need (CHISELED PECS!) Athlean-X

The ONLY 3 Chest Workouts You Want (CHISELED PECS!) #athleanx Athlean-X


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If you wish to construct a chiseled chest then the one 3 chest exercises you want are proven on this video. The main target right here isn’t essentially on constructing the strongest or largest chest however fairly on chiseled pecs which are full from the underside to the highest. We’re going to hit the higher pecs, decrease pecs and center pecs by three rigorously chosen chest exercises.

We begin as all the time with a little bit little bit of anatomy. We all know that whereas it’s inconceivable to isolate and contract just one head of the chest over the others, it’s potential to affect the fiber activation given the totally different orientation of the muscle fibers in every of the three heads of the pec muscle. The higher chest fibers run in direction of the clavicle and reply finest to motions that convey the arm from a low and away place to at least one up and in. The stomach head fibers of the decrease chest reply finest to actions that convey the arm from a excessive and away place to at least one down and in. The sternal pec fibers are activated finest by arms that convey the arm straight throughout the chest.

When choosing the one 3 chest exercises we begin with essentially the most fundamental of exercises, the bench press. Nonetheless, as an alternative of utilizing the basic flat bench press model we select the incline bench press. There’s a good purpose for this. Science exhibits {that a} slight 30 diploma incline on the bench is finest to not solely hit the higher pec fibers the perfect whereas minimizing the dominance of the entrance delts however that it additionally hits the sternal portion of the chest arduous as properly.

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The arms transfer from the low and away place to at least one up and in when performing the train this manner. Using dumbbells additionally permits the palms to journey a little bit nearer to one another on the prime to realize extra adduction of the arms fairly than what occurs when they’re mounted in place on a barbell throughout a barbell bench press.

Although you lose among the pressure on resisted adduction on the prime of the rep, you continue to get extra total adduction resistance in the course of the dumbbell variation of the bench press than you do with the barbell model.

Subsequent we transfer to a decrease chest train that hits the underside a part of the pecs arduous. This time, it’s the excessive to low crossover that’s our train of alternative. That is finest carried out with a set of cables but it surely may also be performed as a chest resistance band train. Right here you wish to just be sure you are bringing the arms down and throughout your chest on each rep. Many much less knowledgeable trainers advise you to cease your arms at midline. On condition that they don’t perceive the anatomy and performance of the chest muscle groups that is comprehensible, however nonetheless not proper. With the intention to maximize chest contraction you wish to cross your arms over one another as a way to permit for a larger tour into adduction and get higher chest improvement.

Lastly, we transfer onto the third and closing train for chest to construct an entire set of pecs. This one is the pullover. Now, I do know what you is perhaps considering. The pullover is a again train that doesn’t work the chest. That’s not correct. Whereas the pullover is a good again and lat developer it could additionally hit the chest arduous in case you carry out it the appropriate means. It has to do with the way you do the train as all the time.

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As a substitute of flaring the elbows out to the edges and conserving the dumbbell near the pinnacle (which might place the brunt of the workload on the lats) you wish to straighten the arms as a lot as potential. The end place of the dumbbell over the chest is similar as it will be on the finish of an incline bench press. With the arms held comparatively excessive (above the shoulders) you get the flexion of the shoulder that targets the higher pecs and minimizes the lats.

The opposite factor you wish to do right here is consider squeezing the backs of your palms collectively because the dumbbell approaches the top of every rep. This may additional adduct your palms which can create a extra intense higher chest contraction.

Lastly, you may also use this train for chest to develop the serratus muscle. This usually neglected muscle acts as a help muscle for the decrease chest and, when developed, offers that full aesthetic look to the pecs that rounds out your full chest improvement.

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  1. Could someone help me understand how to carry out these exercises, ie. how many reps of each should I do and how do I transition from exercise to exercise? Do I do a circuit/cycle?

  2. Jeff, would you consider the low-incline (30-degrees) reverse-grip bench press to be one of the best chest exercises, due to its possible high upper chest activation (with the reversed grip plus the 30-degree incline)?

    The reason I ask this is the 2005 study, “The Influence of Grip Width and Forearm Pronation/Supination on Upper-Body Myoelectric Activity during the Flat Bench Press” (Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College – Greg Lehman).

    (I know that only a flat bench was used in the study, but I would think that a low-inclined reverse grip bench press would be a better bet for activation of the clavicular head of the pecs.)

    I am unsure if the high upper chest activation – with a wide supinated grip during a flat bench press – was ever replicated in another reliable/reputable study, other than the one mentioned above.

    I know that in practical terms, you’ve mentioned that the reverse grip bench press involves shoulder flexion, and it has the elbows in tighter to the sides – I believe you said that both of these actions involve activation/usage of the upper chest.

    I’m interested in the upper chest straight-arm pullover. Besides having straighter arms and squeezing the hands together for isometric adduction, do you also get the upper chest involved in this exercise through contracting it at the very beginning of each rep?

    I just wanted to ensure that I don’t inadvertently over-involve the sternal head of the pecs in this exercise, since its function is to extend the shoulder.

  3. Some exercises just don’t work for me pull overs I can’t for the life of me hit chest dumbbells I feel completely lost doing and have bad shoulders so can’t hit chest shoulders start hurting before I barley start feeling it in my chest cables I don’t have at home

  4. i feel a lot of tension on my lower abs when i keep my arms straight feels like pain in the lower torso area i dont like that feeling

  5. I wonder if Jeff Cavaliere who was dressed himself in work clothes, and I’m just wondering if he can rip off his own shirt again and he showed it to everyone when he’s got chiseled abs and muscle pecs, and everything that I like when he’s posting himself in another video this time. 🙂

  6. Here’s an issue for Jeff! I like all your videos, but especially appreciate this. The last exercise you said helps to grow the serratus. Many decades ago, (I am in my 70s but still build), I had a neurologist diagnose me with a damaged serratus anterior nerve – “the long nerve of bell”. He said it is actually quite common amongst men and often misdiagnosed as a shoulder injury. The issue is, that generally it is unnoticeable. Except in body builders, then it stands out like a sore thumb.

    I still grow and become very muscular, but the lat spread is lacking on the damaged side, the damaged delt is always lacking compared to my left. And more on point, my chest right side does not develop the width or depth commensurate with the right side. My shirts, especially tanks, shift to the right because the right side of the chest gets larger. I have competed a couple of times and of course this issue works against me. I have tried many different exercises to compensate the left. Your videos have done wonders to lessen the lack of symmetry.

    The question is, is there anything I can do to lessen the difference? (I hope Jeff reads these. ;-) )

  7. Hi Jeff

    Is there a cable alternative to the pullover (3rd exercise in this video)?

    I also tried the cable push down from another video.


  8. people when they work their chest: bench press, dumbbells, dips
    me: ok I push up
    edit: I also do dips, push up variations and bench press with dumbbells but MOSTLY push ups because I work out at home

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