What Is Mouth Taping and Is It It Safe?

In case you snore or are vulnerable to waking up along with your mouth large open, you may need come throughout a phenomenon referred to as mouth taping, which is throughout TikTok proper now. Take into account a video from influencer @Isabelle.Lux that has over 37,000 likes: “Let’s speak about why you have to be taping your mouth shut each single evening earlier than you go to mattress,” she says, after peeling a chunk of tape from her lips.

The influencer then goes on to say that respiration by way of your mouth can result in unhealthy breath, gum illness, cavities, mind fog and a weaker immune system. She claims that taping your mouth shut at evening prevents this and likewise results in higher sleep. Another video by Tiktok user @laurynbosstick additionally promotes taping your mouth shut at evening. “I get up with a lot extra power,” she says within the video. “Actually you guys, I simply have such a deeper sleep.”

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