LULULEMON DUPES | Leggings, Bras, Jackets, Tops for CHEAP

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Align Legging Dupes:
Ptula Alainah Legging $59:

Amazon Yogalicious Leggings (Crop, 7/8) $18:

Amazon Yogalicious Leggings (Full Size) $22:

All of the Proper Locations (Pocket Legging) Dupes:
Buff Bunny Luna Legging $58:

Til You Collapse Coronary heart Booty $60:

Senita Pocket Legging $36:

Outline Jacket Dupe:
90 Diploma $29:

Swiftly Tech Lengthy Sleeve Dupes:
Superb Match Lengthy Sleeve $30:
Gymshark Seamless Lengthy Sleeve $40:

Vitality Bra Dupe:
Queenie Ke Vitality Bra $18:

Free To Be Bra Dupe:
Queenie Ke Free to Be Bra $18:

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Top: 5’7.5”
Weight: 135lbs
Bra: 32C
Hips: 37”
Waist: 25.5”

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lululemon leggings

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  1. 90 degree has so many diff styles fabrics cuts etc it’s confusing but they have some of my absolute favorite and least favorite leggings. No seam, perfect compression, super soft then some with seam and thin, show cellulite.

  2. maybe it's paid review? because the same problems I have with lululemon leggins. at the end in comparing, i would prefer to pay 14$ in TJmax for yogalucious, or 90 degrees instead of the next 100$ or 69$ on sale for lulu. ps. I have around 4 different pairs of lulu.

  3. Hi Hope!! Love ALLLL of your videos!! I was hoping you could do a review on the brand Muses Only. They are pretty nice quality but was wondering your thoughts!

  4. Omg…for 100€ i buy 2x leggings in emporio armani 100% real. I live near italy 24min with car ..and i am in italy-trieste. I can buy designer leggings for that kind of money. ❤the video .

  5. Amazing review! Thank you very much.. what are the sizes did u go for for the leggings? Im also a size 6 in lululemon leggings and im dying to order the yogalicious ones! But not sure if im a medium or a small. ♥️

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