I’m Fat…And I Need Help

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You probably have ever struggled to search out the consolation to go to the fitness center as a result of you might have felt self acutely aware about your weight or physique, then this can be a video you’ll positively need to watch. All too typically, individuals are too intimated to start out the very exercise that they know holds the long run answer to their bodily and psychological well being points for the easy worry of being judged. This has received to cease.

On this video, I’m addressing a remark that was left on reddit the place a younger 20 yr previous was hesitant to start out a fitness center routine fearing that his lack of expertise within the fitness center in addition to his poor conditioning had been going to have extra individuals him than trying to assist him.

On the whole different facet of the spectrum, I can relate in a roundabout way. No, I’ve by no means spent a day of my life chubby and I’m so very grateful for that. That mentioned, whereas the bodily toll of being too skinny shouldn’t be almost equitable to the toll that carrying extra weight has in your physique – it will possibly nonetheless be very mentally damaging and discouraging to each.

What you should understand if you end up in both footwear nevertheless is that your perceptions of others is usually straight reverse of what they’re truly interested by you. I do know personally if I see somebody in a fitness center who’s both very inexperienced or very off form, I need to applaud them. We will all keep in mind simply how uncomfortable it was to stroll in, possibly even alone, for the very first time and take your first step in the direction of entering into higher well being.

The fitness center machines are international. The proprioception on lifts is awkward. Even the routines are pressured and discovering the precise particular person to ask what me appear to you as “dumb” questions could be off-putting. That mentioned, the earlier you may understand that individuals are typically there to assist and are glad that can assist you, the sooner you’ll be able to discover that consolation degree that’s going to propel you to realize the health ranges that you simply deserve. I say deserve, as a result of once more, having the braveness to take that first step into the realm of the unknown is a good and admirable factor that must be rewarded with nothing however you attaining the precise targets you stepped into that fitness center for within the first place.

Now, I’m not going to lie. Being chubby makes this a lot more durable than being underweight. Bodily. Even the easy act of strolling on a treadmill or driving a stationary bike is harder if you end up carrying an excessive amount of extra weight. Your joints are more likely to damage extra, your cardiac calls for are going to be a lot larger. Even your aforementioned coordination and proprioception goes to be extra challenged than somebody with much less weight to maneuver in house.

However don’t let that discourage you.

Social media makes it harder than ever to not have the “good physique” as of late. Each photograph you submit is being judged in opposition to the perfect that has been established by filters and punctiliously chosen images and the correct lighting. Don’t decide your self in opposition to that. Decide your self in opposition to the progress you made simply by displaying as much as the fitness center constantly and placing within the exhausting work. As a result of I promise, when you put within the exhausting work and achieve this with consistency, you will notice the outcomes of your work in due time.

Shout out to the reddit neighborhood for being as supportive as they had been in dealing with this younger man. It makes me proud to be an web “influencer”. With that mentioned, I need to use the ability of my neighborhood to maintain the help coming. Should you can spare the time, please depart a fast touch upon the hyperlink above to go away your help. Since he’ll doubtless have this video shared with him, remember to depart some love right here too since is bound to see it.

Thanks for taking the time and for watching.

Should you’re in search of a workout program and meal plan that can information you step-by-step to your greatest physique ever – taking out all of the guesswork that will stall the initiative of beginning prefer it did for the younger man on this video, please remember to go to by way of the hyperlink under. Use this system selector to search out the workout plan that matches your present targets and let me assist you attain them sooner than ever earlier than.

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  1. Jeff I’m a 43 year old male suffering from a few mental disorder or illnesses including anxiety and depression. I’m 6’0 and 224 pounds. I live in this cold weather of Pennsylvania and got a planet fitness membership but I’m not going because I drive and have my license but don’t have a car and I get anxious waiting for the bus. So, what’s basically stopping me is the fact that I really want to learn and know how to breathe for each variation of exercises. Including breathing when I walk, speed walk, jog and run. I only have a pair of 10 pound dumbbells at home and I exercise once in a while, but insomnia and social anxiety are killing me and don’t know what to do. Can you help? I don’t work because of my health issues, I just started getting SSI which helps a little but I want to work and go back to college but my physical and mental health are impedimenting me from doing the things I wanna do. Thank u

  2. Can you explain the significance of work:rest in HIIT? As someone overweight and new to the fitness journey, I dont think I would survive starting with Tabata. If the rest is longer, do I lose some benefits?

  3. Started to finally go to the gym on Saturday.
    First time I went in, I was mortified and thought everybody was judging me.
    End of my workout, one guy came up to me after I tried doing dead lifts, and respectfully asked me, if he could teach me how to do them properly.
    He wasn't judging, he just wanted to help, which was REALLY encouraging.

    Now, every time I go, I just try to do the best I can, work on my form and improve. The fear is almost gone.
    'course, you still feel like people are judging you, when you get side-glances but…most of the time, there's a small nod afterwards, which just tells me "You go, dude"

    Finally…thank you for all the videos Jeff. I'm doing the RX-1 course now and I'm just looking forward to go through the entire program.
    If you told me a year ago that I would enjoy going to the gym, I would have told you that you're crazy. Turns out…it's great

  4. Love this, Jeff. I'm 56 years old–5'4" and 180lbs. I used to lift weights, but it's been over a decade & a half. About 4 weeks ago, I finally decided I am fully ready to make some changes today. The gym nearby is a REAL body builder gym. Not a lot of people who look like me there. I'm learning every day, especially gym culture & some of these new-fangled machines, but I walk in with the expectation that nobody is paying any attention to me & if they do, they will respect me for being there. I know I'm transforming my body over time. Enjoying your videos fully for tips on form, most efficient excercises, etc. Thanks!!

  5. So Jeff, do you have a program for the very heavy, limited mobility, no gym who want to start off? Unable to do lunges, push ups.
    I love your videos, but often feel like I'd need to have already been working out to utilize any of your programs.

  6. I absolutely agree! I'm always thinking people are watching me at the gym. I also find myself watching persons to see what and how they are doing. I look at others with learning in mind, yet when I feel I'm being watched, I think the worst. I love the gym. I perform best in a gym vs at home. I push myself harder when I feel I'm being critiqued by others. At home I have a time, calories burned, rep or set goal and that's where I end. In the gym I feel if I stop now I'll be looked at as weak. I feel challenged in the gym. My gym is right across the street from me. I struggle with going and take the easier way out. Doing this I see less gains. But, I surmise I'm working out regardless of the location so therefore it's all good right?? I am being ignorant to this idea because I have horrendous anxiety issues and it is far more comfortable mentally. I wish I could go back in time when I went to the gym 6 days a week and I was comfortable with my routine. When Covid hit, my gym closed and when it reopened I found myself much bigger (fat) and skittish to restart. I have been to the gym a few times and even ran into my old PT and he said to me "first thing is you're here". I gained 70 pounds in a year. Partly due to Covid and partly due to losing my fiance last May. Writing this I'm inclined to lean on well, at least I'm trying. It's the hardest health journey I've ever embarked on. I've always been fit and strong. I lost it all and my emotions are restrictive to my gains. I know what I need to do… but how with a bruised mind. How can I overcome my emotional distress and just move forward? I take prescription sleeping pills and naturally when I get tired I want to snack. I look at the apples, bananas, kiwi, blueberries, carrots, cucumbers and all the healthy stuff and turn my nose up to it and grab a candy bar or cookie. My Dr acknowledges my weight gain and obesity and attributes it to the sleeping pills but she doesn't go beyond that in ways to help me. I feel like I'm in a sinking ship with no support.

  7. Think about who's looking at others in a gym. They are looking at the one's they think have the perfect body. You are invisible to a shallow person. Until you are at least physically attractive to yourself and others. Then you are happy to show off.

  8. I just found out today everything is ok but I am 5 foot and a half because I got sick and could not exercise right I am not giving up
    My doctor is lovely and I am getting physio therapist to get help I was very sick and struggling to get back up this was very encouraging.
    I am 95 kg 😞
    And good for you we'll done

  9. My situation is embarrassing. Im
    Young, and around 260 pounds in weight, too fucking young for that. I can’t go to the gym and even if I could I wouldn’t because of how people will perceive me. My search history is full of “home workout no equipment” and it’s really embarrassing to say this, any advice, I’m counting on it 🫡

  10. I feel that way too. I'm a recovering addict and put on almost 80 lbs since I got clean 2 and a half years ago. Today is the day I start to change that no matter how painful it is at first. Not going to the gym but working out at home with your videos.

  11. Loved your video today. Yes it’s very easy to be that guy. But once u get started and moving in the right direction it feels great. Fitness it catchy if u let it be. You will feel better and better It’s not just about the lbs

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