How to Increase Your Bench Press (FASTEST WAY!)

The bench press is likely one of the hottest chest and energy exercises carried out. Whereas many want to proceed to extend their bench press they discover it troublesome to interrupt by way of plateaus that may stagnate their energy on the carry. On this video, KC Mitchell joins me to indicate you three extra bench press accent exercises that may help you in rising your conventional bench press totals as quick as potential.

The important thing behind the success of those lifts is that it takes you away from doing the straight bench press. Opposite to what some imagine, probably the most profitable bench pressers on the earth virtually all spend extra time doing lifts aside from the bench press in a given coaching block. As an illustration, whereas the bench press, carried out historically, might be carried out as soon as per week…the variations of the bench and the opposite accent actions to the bench might be carried out way more steadily.

Final yr, KC got here by the gymnasium and mentioned three of his favourite accent lifts for the bench. These have been the lean again pulldown, barbell flooring press and the seated shoulder press. Every of those lifts was carried out with a special goal in thoughts. All of them had in widespread the truth that they have been in a position to positively affect the bench by strengthening a special portion of the carry.

This time round, we have been again within the gymnasium and needed to indicate a number of extra variations that might enhance your bench press positive factors. The primary is the pause bench. On account of the truth that every rep goes to be paused and held within the backside of the rep, the time beneath rigidity will clearly enhance however extra importantly, the momentum of the rep might be eliminated. The stretch shortening cycle might be taken out of the equation and pure energy and leg drive might be accountable for shifting the burden off the chest.

That is nice for those who nonetheless wrestle to really feel the contribution of leg drive to their bench press that was talked about within the final video we did on the train.

Subsequent, we handle a variation of the ground press. This time as a substitute of doing it with a barbell we use dumbbells. Not solely are they simpler to arrange with in a crowded gymnasium however they supply the extra stability advantages which are inherent to utilizing dumbbells and assist to groove the elbows and wrists into their correct place on the rep. The restricted adduction that happens with a set barbell can also be one thing that is ready to be overcome by splitting the load into two arms which may also help those who fail to really feel the contraction of their chest to lastly really feel it.

Lastly, the static incline dumbbell presses are an incredible variation that may have excessive carry over to the bench press. Not solely are you studying to develop isometric energy that may praise your concentric energy on the carry however you’re having to learn to faucet right into a deeper properly of concentric energy due to the fatigued state that you will discover your self in after the isometric contraction. These are powerful however very useful and will definitely carry over to the pause bench mentioned earlier as properly.

Using accent lifts in coaching can’t be understated. Too usually, folks proceed to bang away on the carry they’re attempting to get stronger on failing to understand how seemingly it’s that they won’t see vital energy positive factors (or a minimum of quick ones) by persevering with to do this. As an alternative, by instituting bench press variations, they’re offering a novel stimulus for his or her muscle tissue that tends to supply a stimulus for higher neural connection and in the end efficiency on the standard carry while you return to it.

In the event you’re on the lookout for a program that builds these accent bench press actions proper into the plan precisely when you must do them for finest positive factors, you’ll want to head to the hyperlink under and take a look at the TOTAL BEAXST program from ATHLEAN-X.

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  1. It's ironic! I'm going through Jeff's Beast program and I have a challenge coming up that involves dead lifts, squats, and bench press, and is given by K.C. Mitchell. I know that my bench press is weak so I searched "how to improve your bench press" and this video is the first thing that came up. This is good stuff!

  2. Is IT correct method of doing bench press with dumbbells lying down without any bench ?? Is it same effective as normal bench press with bench ??

  3. KC does some crazy routines it seems, and that is meant in the best possible way. What a beast, and its cool to see both of the two knowledgeable guys riff off of each other’s know how. Thanks for all of the info.

  4. I have a better method guys to improve your bench 100%.
    Find a squat rack and throw a bench in the middle. Adjust bars on side and throw a bench bar across it.
    Lay on bench, bar should be as close to chest as possible (1-6 inches). Now your pushing from a compromised position. I sometimes do light weight and sometimes heavy weight. You will get a stronger bench 1000%. Old school tip

  5. Love your vids, but…Why increase your bench? Is this 1988? Hey man, what do you bench. I found that flexibility, flawless technique and pliability are better than shortening your muscles with excessive weights. What do you think?

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