Home Fat Burning Workout – The “HURRICANE HEADRUSH” Bodyweight Workout

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Fats Burning Exercises that require plenty of tools or area are removed from workouts you are able to do at residence. In requiring any such stuff you’ll most certainly discover that most individuals cannot do the workout! So, with that in thoughts, the BEST fats burning workout is one you are able to do with simply your body weight in a really small quantity of area.

Enter the “Hurricane Headrush” residence body weight workout. As Hurricane Irene slams into the East Coast of the US we acknowledge the ability of the storm and have created one of the intense residence body weight challenges you possibly can put your physique via….and in simply 6 exercises and 320 reps.

As soon as you have tried this residence fats burning workout, head over to and seize your full AthLEAN-X Coaching System. The professional athlete endorsed and bodily therapist created program is geared at getting you right into a ripped, robust, athletic physique in simply 90 days!

See how you can burn fats extra shortly with intense workouts that may be achieved with little or no tools and NO treadmills! Begin your Hurricane Headrush Exercise now.

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  1. And this is called "an equal replacement" for the AX-1 conditioning workouts?? 🙂 I would rather do sprint intervals 2 times than do 1 hurricane 🙂 I barely survived.
    Jeff likes to make unexpected surprises.

  2. Gave this a try to replace the rope ladder from AX-1. Only managed do to it with half the reps… and I am stuck in 'the eye'…can't do it backwards now… BUT. This will be my minimum, my original progress and I want to get better from here… I left a lot of room to improve.

  3. 16.41. Hungover. Managed not to vom (just). Broke in the plank twice but straight back up. Never doing this again… until next time hahaha

  4. I am stuck at home due to snow and cold weather outside on my Week 1 Day 4 of AX1. So I am going to replace the Sprint conditioning today with this. I already feel tired after watching this.

  5. Alright, I'm a wuss. 21 minutes. Honestly, I actually "quit" for a couple of minutes in the middle. I cussed myself out, searched my soul, didn't like what I found, then thought, "Well, at least FINISHING would be better than not completing," then started again. I don't know if my time would have been any better, considering my "cheat" rest in the middle. Oh well. It gives me something to kick myself about…as soon as I can get my legs to move again…

  6. This workout was a huge eye-opener for me. I'm currently at the third month of AX1, and I am proud of how far I've gotten. However my pride has turned into overconfidence. So much in fact that I have started slacking off a little bit. I realised this today when I decided to swap out one of the cardio workouts for one of the burst workouts on YouTube, and I chose this one. Shortly put, it got the best of me. I had to take several five second breathers throughout the whole thing. Talk about a humbling experience. But it has reminded me that I have to give it my all if I want results. It has ignited my passion for working out, so to speak.

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