FULL WEEK OF WORKOUTS | Managing Soreness Post-Workout

Whereas being sore is typically the most effective feeling ever, different days, your woman wants to have the ability to hit one other workout minus the soreness. For occasions like this, I put together forward of time through the use of my KT Tape.
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Hey, besties!

On this video, I will be strolling you thru a full week of workouts on the gymnasium. These workouts can be nice for these which might be intermediate-advanced. On this week, we’ll be doing 4 workouts: two decrease physique days, one higher physique day, and a abs/cardio day.

Please see beneath for time stamps for when every day begins.

In fact, most significantly, always remember that your health objectives are fueled additionally by your diet, so at all times bear in mind to remain according to each your diet & coaching.

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*Please be at liberty to modify the times up as you want (ie: doing higher physique day first, and so on.)
Carry out just one workout per day with relaxation days in between as wanted.

Leg Day Heat-Up:
Higher Physique Day Heat-Up:
Full Physique Foam Rolling Routine:

1) Leg Press | 5×8 at 1 RIR
2) Reverse Hack Squats | 5×9 at 1 RIR
3) Typical Deadlifts | 5×5 at 2 RIR
(Methods to Deadlift: )

1) a. Kneeling Rope Pulldowns | 10 reps w/ a 2-sec concentric + 2-sec eccentric
b. Cable Overhead Triceps Extensions | 12 reps
c. Relaxation for 1-2 minutes
Repeat a-c for a complete of 5x.
2) Chest Press Machine | 5×10 reps w/ a 3-sec eccentric
3) DB Shoulder Press | 5×10 reps w/ 3-sec eccentric
4) 21s | 3 units

Abs Routine:
1) Soar Rope | 40 seconds
2) Russian Twists | 40 seconds
3) Soar Rope | 40 seconds
4) Bicycle Crunches | 40 seconds
5) Soar Rope | 40 seconds
6) Leg Raises | 40 seconds
7) Soar Rope | 40 seconds
8) Plank | 40 seconds
Relaxation for 1-2 minutes and repeat complete circuit for a complete of 3x.
(Be at liberty to substitute soar roping for another train and the ab exercises for any of your different favourite ab exercises.)

20 minutes of LISS (stroll on treadmill at a reasonable tempo at 15% incline)

1) Glute Drivers | 4×12 reps w/ a 2-sec eccentric
2) RDLs | 4×12 reps w/ a 2-sec eccentric
(Methods to RDL: )
3) Barbell Break up Squats | 4×10 reps/leg at 1 RIR
4) Bulgarian Break up Squats | 4×8 reps/leg at 1 RIR


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  1. I’m definitely going to incorporates 21s, Bulgarian split squats, and barbell split squats into my workouts next week! Love these videos, Naomi 🙂

  2. You are one of my favorite fitness Youtuber ever. I can't wait to try out this 'week of workouts'. I've been wanting to incorporate deadlifts into my leg day but couldn't find a workout that I liked. THIS ONE IS PERFECT. ITS LIKE YOU CAN READ MY MIND. I appreciate and love you so much. have an amazing day. 💞💞💞

  3. I love how informative your videos are but I feel like you talk too much or too fast so I would definitely recommend you to go straight to the point or slow down a little bit… just a suggestion

  4. Hey hunny!!! Thank you for a new video! I’ve been working out 3 times a week this month and doing full body each day😭 I’m exhausted but seeing the results this week. I’ve seen people wear the tape at the gym and didn’t know what it was. I’ll have to try it out. I do rdls but haven’t actually tried deadlifts. Gonna add them.

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