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In the present day, we’re beginning WEEK ONE of our 6-Week Newbie Abs Exercise Information Problem!
Each Monday, beginning in the present day, for the following 6 weeks, I can be posting a brand new ab workout video for you guys to observe for that week!
For this week, your purpose is to finish the workout on this video THREE occasions!
None of those workouts over the following six weeks would require any gear.

Smash that thumbs up button and let me know in a remark down under in case you’re prepared to overcome this problem! Summer time bod, right here we come!

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Please remember that with the ability to visibly see your abs comes first by means of diet.
For extra info on learn how to drop some weight/fats, please take a look at my movies on The right way to Lose Weight/Fats:


This workout is about up in a follow-along-with-me model that means that you would be able to observe together with me by means of each second of all the workout!

In the event you’d want to workout by your self, here is the workout:
– Russian Twists w/ Toes on Floor | 30 seconds
– 30 second relaxation
– Reverse Crunches | 30 seconds
– 30 second relaxation
– Crunches | 30 seconds
– 30 second relaxation
– Plank on Fingers | 30 seconds
– 60 second relaxation
Repeat all of the above 2 extra occasions for a complete of 3x.

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  1. Who’s ready for some ab gainz?! 🙋🏻‍♀️
    Drop some 🔥🔥 in a comment if you’re up for the challenge!
    ❎This week, your goal is to complete this workout 3️⃣ times!
    Workout is also written out in the description.
    I’ll see you guys next Monday for Week 2 of our challenge! Let’s get it! 💪🏼

  2. Hey girls,
    I'm a 16 year old suffering from obesity
    I'm gonna do this workout
    I'll update you after my 1 week workout
    Before start:
    Weight:100kg(I know you won't believe but this is my true weight)
    Reminds me to update after 1 week

  3. Hey there, I'm definitely adding this to my exercise routine. Last March I changed my eating habits and started to lose weight. Im 5 foot 4 inches tall, I went from weighing 177 to about 145. Still trying to lose more weight. I already do one of your ab works out and trying this one too!!! Thank you.

  4. This one actually looks like it’s for beginners unlike other videos

    Day 1 : omg the plank was killing me I was literally shaking while doing it

    Day 2: omg these planks are killing me

    Day 3 : omg I just realized that I was doing the reverse crunches wrong 😭😭 well at least now I know for next time

    Day 4: I had to stop doing the planks cus my heart kept hurting after I did them

    Day 5: I should’ve drank more water I was so thirsty

  5. Still coming back to this a year later. Thank you Naomi!! This is my favorite ab series that makes my abs ACTUALLY VISIBLE after only a few weeks!!! (Edit: fixed typo)

  6. this is great for beginners level!! thank you so much for making this.. started my fitness journey a few weeks ago and i was trying workouts that were too difficult for me but this is a great beginners workout!

  7. hi so im going to be doing this everyday till the end of the 6 weeks and im going to update you guys to let you guys know how its going:)
    Day 1: pretty easy but wasn’t feeling very motivated today:/
    Day 2: i could definitely feel the burn today but still wasn’t too bad:)
    Day 3: felt more motivated today so it felt super easy
    Day 4: felt really easy today and i also felt pretty proud of myself after

  8. Ik these workouts are old but girl you are so sweet and kind. I’ve come across MANY free workout programs but never with someone who cares about people as much as you. Love you N!!

  9. I really like your video layouts. It’s nice to see clearly the next move during the rest time. I can actually keep up with this. It’s truly beginner friendly.

  10. I’ve been really frustrated with ab exercises with “modifications” that don’t help me maintain correct form, but most of these are much better! For the reverse crunches, could you explain how do you do it without straining the neck?

  11. Thank you so much – I had tried a few other ab workouts and felt disheartened over how inaccessible they were. Also, I really like how you stress that nutrition is the #1 most important things for abs. A lot of other youtubers act like workout alone will create abs which is just not true.

  12. I'm so sorry I cant I cant get to my goul you know what ima do this for you and I'm going to prove to all thouse peple that bully me that I can be the girl i want and not a girl that gets picked on just becuse of my wait

  13. this is the first workout video that i found that is easy to follow. i will definently be adding this into my workout routine. thx so much. i'm a beginner and i could acually do everything.

  14. Thank you for this Video! Abs are my weakness I just get so discouraged with the workouts out there for them. This truly was a beginner work out that allowed me to not get discouraged but also build strength and focus on my form. I can't wait to complete each week!!

  15. Returning to ab work after a (very) long hiatus. This is the perfect level for me….Its been really disheartening to try and fail at some of the other ab workouts, but this one is great…..not too easy, not too hard and something I can build on. Great work! 👍⭐

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