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Top 9 Effective Bench Press Alternative Exercises to Try Today

bench press alternatives

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Constructing an even bigger bench is a worthwhile purpose for bodybuilders and powerlifters alike. Whereas bench urgent will make it easier to get the approach down, there are many alternate options and accent lifts that can take your energy to the subsequent degree.

Listed here are 9 efficient bench press different exercises to strive in the present day.

1. Ground Press

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Not solely is the ground press a unbelievable bench accent, but it surely’s additionally one of the best ways to bench press and not using a bench. The ground press forces lifters to work throughout the prime half of their vary of movement, strengthening the lockout and dealing by means of sticking factors. It additionally limits the flexibility for a leg drive, placing the onus on the higher physique.

How To:

  1. Lie in your again beneath a bar. The positioning and “rack” top ought to be constant together with your ordinary bench press arrange.
  2. Seize the bar simply outdoors of shoulder-width, in a impartial grip.
  3. Preserving your wrists stacked, have interaction the lats, and unrack the barbell.
  4. Decrease the barbell towards your chest in a sluggish and managed movement, retaining your elbows tucked.
  5. When your higher arms attain the bottom, pause and drive the bar again upward to full extension— that’s one rep.

You possibly can go away your legs prolonged or bend your knees and plant your ft on the ground. The previous ensures your higher physique is doing the entire work, whereas the latter may help you apply your leg drive.

2. Band Resisted Push-Ups

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Band resisted push-ups are probably the greatest bench press alternate options with resistance bands. These are an excellent workout to maintain your energy up while you don’t have entry to a bench. The push-up replicates bench urgent movement, partaking the identical muscle mass whereas utilizing your physique weight and the band as resistance.

How To:

  1. Wrap a resistance band behind your again in order that it rests in opposition to your lats. Hook every finish over your thumbs or palms.
  2. Get into the plank place, with arms stacked beneath your shoulders.
  3. Interact your core and decrease your self towards the bottom, retaining your elbows tucked.
  4. Pause on the backside of the motion and push again as much as the beginning place— that’s one rep.

You possibly can scale the depth of this workout by including extra pressure to the band. You’ll really feel essentially the most resistance on the prime of the concentric motion, close to the completion of the rep.

3. Diamond Push-Ups

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Diamond push-ups are one other efficient body weight bench press substitute that you are able to do anyplace. The hand positioning makes this motion a problem that can require focus and type to finish. Inserting the arms beneath the torso additionally shifts the main focus from the chest to the triceps to assist construct your bench press.

How To:

  1. Begin in a modified excessive plank place, together with your arms nearly touching one another beneath your chest. Your fingers ought to be unfold, together with your thumbs and forefingers making a diamond form.
  2. Brace your core and decrease your physique with elbows tucked till your chest is nearly touching your arms.
  3. Pause for a second on the backside, then push your self again into the beginning place— that’s one rep.

Diamond push-ups could be extremely difficult. Maintain your elbows tucked to guard your shoulders, and add resistance bands to take this train to the subsequent degree.

4. Incline Hex Press

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The incline hex press is a good incline bench press different for those who lack a barbell or a rack set-up. This oft-overlooked carry targets the chest, triceps, and shoulders for a strong accent carry.

How To:

  1. Lay on an incline bench with two dumbbells held in an overhand grip in your chest. The dumbbells ought to be touching together with your knuckles going through one another, held parallel to your physique.
  2. Push the dumbbells collectively as you prolong your arms away out of your physique.
  3. Pause and squeeze at full extension earlier than reducing the dumbbells again to your chest. That’s one rep.

Maintain your elbows tucked all through the motion and give attention to including pressure to the pecs for optimum effectiveness.

5. Incline Tate Press

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This substitute for the incline bench press is a sophisticated motion that targets the triceps. It’s essential to start out with mild weights and give attention to getting the shape proper earlier than progressing.

How To:

  1. Lay on an incline bench with two dumbbells held at full extension in an overhand grip. Your palms ought to be going through your ft.
  2. Plant your ft and brace your core, then slowly dip the dumbbells inward to your chest, permitting your elbows to bend. Attempt to preserve your higher arm as nonetheless as potential.
  3. When the highest of the dumbbells contact your chest, pause and reverse the movement till you attain full extension as soon as extra. That’s one rep.

You must do each the eccentric and concentric phases of this motion in a sluggish, managed method. This tricep train is intense and pairs nicely in a superset with the hex press as a strong bench press substitute.

6. Tricep Dips

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Tricep dips are an efficient body weight bench press substitute that may goal each the chest and triceps with delicate shifts to your positioning. It’s additionally straightforward to change for at-home workouts with minimal gear.

How To:

  1. Place your self between the bars of a dip station or parallettes. Grip the bars in a impartial place, together with your arms in alignment together with your hips.
  2. Push your self as much as full extension, brace your core, and face ahead.
  3. Slowly decrease your self, permitting your elbows to bend whereas your forearms keep in a stacked place. Staying upright will goal your triceps; leaning ahead barely will goal your chest.
  4. As soon as your elbows attain 90-degrees, prolong and push your self upward to full extension. That’s one rep.

If you happen to’re a newbie, you should use a resistance band to help with the motion. It’s also possible to replicate this train with a bench or chair for those who don’t have a dip machine or parallette bars.

7. Overhead Press

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The overhead press is usually used at the side of the bench press throughout powerlifting coaching. Whereas the bench press is a horizontal motion, the overhead press is vertical, utilizing lots of the similar muscle mass in another way. The overhead press is without doubt one of the simplest bench press alternate options to construct energy for those who don’t have a bench.

How To:

  1. Stand with a bar within the entrance rack place with ft hip-width aside and arms positioned at shoulder-width.
  2. Brace your core, squeeze the bar, and prolong your arms upward till absolutely prolonged with the bar absolutely overhead.
  3. Slowly decrease again to the beginning place. That’s one rep.

This type of overhead press known as the strict or army press and focuses on the higher physique. You possibly can modify the motion by including a leg drive to do a push press— this may take the onus off the higher physique however assist apply leg driving for bench urgent.

8. Dumbbell chest Press

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The dumbbell chest press is a basic bench press substitute for individuals who could not have a barbell. You should use a bench for this motion or lay on the ground. The chest and shoulders are the first movers within the chest press, but it surely additionally engages the triceps, biceps, and again.

How To:

  1. Lie on a bench holding two dumbbells in an overhand grip. Begin together with your arms absolutely prolonged, knuckles going through upward, and palms going through your ft.
  2. Interact your lats, brace your core, and slowly decrease the dumbbells to your chest, retaining your elbows tucked.
  3. Pause at chest degree, squeeze your muscle mass, and push the dumbbells as much as full extension. That’s one rep.

It’s also possible to do the dumbbell chest press on an incline as an incline bench press substitute. Keep away from bumping the dumbbells collectively on the prime of the motion, as it will probably take among the pressure out of your muscle mass and make the train much less efficient.

9. Resistance Band Decline Press

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One other efficient bench press different with resistance bands is the banded decline press. This train hits the decrease pecs, deltoids, and triceps. This train is a good accent motion to enhance your bench press. It hits muscle mass which might be exhausting to focus on with dumbbells or a barbell because of the positioning.

How To:

  1. Wrap a resistance band round your higher again and hook the ends in your palms. The band ought to be resting about midpoint in your higher again, with the band stretching over the underside of your delt. It’s also possible to anchor the resistance band to a rack or door body.
  2. Stand in a staggered place with ft at hip-width, the again leg prolonged, and the entrance leg with a slight bend within the knee. Your elbows ought to be tucked at your facet together with your fists at chest top. That is the beginning place.
  3. Prolong your arms to full extension on a downward angle in order that your arms and the band are parallel to your entrance thigh. Pause and squeeze.
  4. Slowly bend your elbows, retaining them tucked till you attain the beginning place. That’s one rep.

Sustaining type is important for getting the very best outcomes from this train. Add depth by adjusting your grip on the band.


You should use dumbbells, resistance bands, and your physique weight to exchange the barbell bench press train. Whether or not you’re recovering from an harm or working with restricted gear, strive these efficient exercises to construct higher physique energy and mass.

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