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On this video, we’ll be doing a beginner-friendly arm workout on the health club utilizing primary health club gear. This workout is ideal for anybody pretty new to the health club and is uncertain of what to do!

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In fact, most significantly, always remember that your health objectives are fueled additionally by your diet, so at all times bear in mind to remain in line with each your diet & coaching.

Newbie Arm Gymnasium Exercise:
1) Overhead Press Machine | 3×12
2) Lateral Elevate Machine | 3×12
3) Bicep Curl Machine | 3×12
4) Triceps Extension Machine | 3×12


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  1. What’s up, guys?! 👋🏼
    ❎In the description you can find:
    – Outfit details & discount code
    – How to Use Gym Equipment playlist link
    – Beginner Workouts playlist link
    Have a great rest of your week! 💜

  2. i should’ve watch the video on gym equipment and figured out where all the gym equipment was because yesterday i looked like a little kid running around looking for their mom😂😂

  3. Thanks for posting. I did 2 of the machines today. At least next time I do arms I know which other machines to use. The breathing instructions are VERY helpful. Thank you!

  4. I have a question are you supposed to have your back arched? I thought it was you have to keep your back flat but I keep seeing all these ppl having arched backs and saying it was good form so Idk

  5. Super helpful. I haven’t gotten a gym membership yet but I’m taking advantage of the hotel gym on vacation to teach myself the machines so I’ll be more confident when I do get a gym membership. So much less pressure when I’ll never see the other patrons again.

  6. I really appreciate you. I have gone to my car to cry because I feel so foolish not knowing what to do. And I hate when people look at me as I walk and read the instructions.

  7. Thank you for this! I haven't been to the gym in years because of severe social anxiety. Recently started again and didn't want to embarass myself by not knowing how to use these machines

  8. is it enough to only do my arm/shoulders/back workout with the machines ? Like i’m not trying to get bulky, just wanna gain some muscle in those areas, so are the machines okay? like only machines lol

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