Ab Workout that Burns Fat (YES IT’S POSSIBLE!)

Burn fats, get abs and construct muscle on the identical time right here

Regardless of what some trainers would inform you, it’s doable to do an ab workout that burns fats on the identical time. On this video, I present you an ab workout that lets you burn fats and etch in your six pack abs on the identical time. That is achieved by including a conditioning or fats burning element to conventional ab exercises. The objective is to finish as many rounds of this as you possibly can and preserve this ab workout fats burner going for 15 to twenty minutes.

To begin, all that you must do that house ab workout is a pair of socks and a slick flooring. You are able to do it on a concrete flooring as I’m exhibiting you or on a hardwood or kitchen flooring even higher. The hot button is that you really want to have the ability to slide your toes on the ground rapidly to be able to get your coronary heart fee pumping and aid you to burn fats. Start with a fast sliding mountain climber for 30 seconds.

The objective of this train isn’t solely to get your pulse up however to work your abs on the identical time. For those who discover that you really want extra of an ab problem you possibly can at all times decide your toes up off the bottom and carry out a extra conventional model of the mountain climber however simply make sure that it doesn’t compromise the velocity at which you carry out the train. The quicker you possibly can preserve the tempo up and the longer you possibly can keep it, the extra this workout will aid you to burn extra fats.

Subsequent you carry out the ab train referred to as sliding gymnast abs. This core crusher is a tricky abs train that basically places your six pack in focus. Attempt to carry out 10 reps of this transfer and return to a different spherical of the sliding mountain climbers for 30 seconds.

You subsequent transfer onto 5 reps of sliding twisting indirect tucks to every facet. This train will as soon as once more aid you carve out that total six pack and core by attacking the “framing” muscle mass of your abs known as your obliques. As quickly as you’re accomplished with these 10 reps you progress again to the sliding mountain climbers however this time you need to transfer them at an angle to both the suitable or left sides.

Hold this going and return to the gymnast abs for 10 extra reps and end out the circuit by performing the final set of sliding mountain climbers to the other facet for 30 seconds. If at any level throughout this house ab workout routine you need to relaxation, attempt to take action out of a modified plank place along with your knees on the bottom. This can make sure that you get an opportunity to catch your breath however not take the strain off your abs. With the intention to preserve the fats burning side of the ab workout up you need to try to preserve the tempo shifting as rapidly as you possibly can.

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  1. 1.Sliding mountain climbers – 30 sec
    2. Gymnast ab tucks – 10 reps
    3. Sliding mountain climbers – 30 sec
    4. Sliding twisting knee tucks – 10 reps
    5. Sliding oblique mnt climbers – 30 sec

    Repeat for 15 to 20 min

  2. Circuit:
    30s Sliding Mountain Climber.
    10 Gymnast Tucks.
    30s SLiding Mountain Climber.
    10 Sliding Knee Tucks.
    30s Sliding Mountain climber to the side.
    10 Gymnast TUcks.
    30s Sliding mountain climbers to the other side.
    Repeat for 15-20 mins.

  3. I am 45 yo and have been using the AX six pack promise app. I did the whole eight week program and my wife is really impressed with my abs, in fact, she has started the training as well. I will add this to my daily exercises combining, fat burning , muscle building cardio focusing on the abs. Thanks a lot Jeff cavalier you’re the bomb man!

  4. I was looking to try this but im 240lb it is ok to do it or do you recomend other work out, sins i cant hold my self too long in a pushup position, yes im strong but not that mush YET

  5. Hi I'm 52 years old and worked out over the last 15 years on and off over the last few years I have developed a belly which I can't get rid off, your work out seems ideal to me but compared to running or regular abs exercises it seems really hard, can you maybe post something that will help beginners which I still consider my self because when it comes to the gym people like me are weekend warriors.
    Thanks so much

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