You’re NOT as Strong as You Think! (THE TRUTH)

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Are you robust or do you simply suppose you’re robust? I’m not making an attempt say something offensive since you must know that a very powerful position of my channel I imagine is to assist my viewers. That stated, on this video, I’m going to indicate you there’s a essential distinction that should be accounted for when growing energy and the failure to take action can result in many breakdowns and bodily points down the highway.

First it helps to outline energy. Power is the power to generate pressure towards an exterior load or resistance. Because of this the extra pressure you may produce towards an exterior load, the stronger you’re. Whereas that is completely the case, there isn’t any discrepancy made right here about the kind of energy we’re speaking about.

You see, there’s your true energy and your compensatory energy. They usually occasions go hand in hand and the place true energy leaves off, compensatory energy takes over. What this implies is, on any given elevate, your means to carry out it with good kind and freed from compensation (which means that you’re directing the pressure that you simply generate via the precise muscle mass you are attempting to coach and to the thing you are attempting to maneuver) is paramount and reflective of your true energy. Do you have to recruit undesirable muscle motion or make alterations in joint mechanics that whereas serving to you to carry out the elevate additionally compromise the well being and integrity of your physique in the course of the elevate, then you may have tapped into your compensatory energy.

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Now, I’m not speaking in regards to the egregious examples of unhealthy kind. These are apparent to anybody watching them and may be simply coached out in just a few units. I’m speaking in regards to the refined compensations that happen generally inside a joint, that aren’t very seen to an untrained bystander and generally to even the particular person performing the elevate. Proceed to both load these actions much more or rack up increasingly reps with these compensations current and you’ll put your self in danger for eventual breakdown from the gathered harm these excessive load reps carry out.

The significance of heavy lifting can’t be understated. In spite of everything, lifting heavy weights is likely one of the truest methods of growing energy. Progressively overloading the bar offers an goal method so that you can enhance your energy and get larger over time. The factor that it is advisable to query nonetheless is the timing of the will increase. The purpose shouldn’t be to push as exhausting as you may as quick as you may. As a substitute, constructing the bottom basis ought to be one thing that takes place first (freed from refined compensation) earlier than pursuing weight will increase as the only real purpose of every session.

Now, energy will enhance over time (particularly if you’re new to lifting). You may even see dramatic will increase in energy in a brief interval due to a extra environment friendly neuromuscular patterning being developed on every elevate. These will increase could effectively come with none change in physique mechanics that result in compensation and will subsequently be inspired and embraced. What I’m saying is that if the will increase come on the inclusion of compensations (biomechanical) then it is advisable to reevaluate the significance of these within the first place and the repercussions of doing so.

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  1. People think they can train on their own until they’ve experienced a serious injury. Once that has happened then they wish they had help in understanding why they developed an injury. Form is difficult to ascertain alone, pace in developing strength is way more difficult to be unbiased on.

  2. Why would you insult such a kind and goofy treasure of a man ? Especially when he's working his ass off to improve himself I swear even the biggest Saint if he's ascending to heaven in everyone's eyes there will still be people to call him a devil or someone unworthy.
    Fuck such people

  3. Basically go for the lighter weights that your body can handle. Settle your pride and ego and fix those compensations with lighter weights and build off from that. Going with what you think you can do rather then what your body can do doesn’t go a long way…

  4. I watched this video and it made me feel so stupid but also made me have aajor realization. I stopped hitting PRs as soon as I started putting on as much weight as I could handle. And because of that, I've started having knee problems because I was piling on too much weight.

  5. He is right, i mean look at people who compete in strongmen, they often go to their physio therapist and say "oh man i cant even sit in toilet or i cant raise my shoulder, half of my face is paralyzed now what do i do?, my hand shakes like hell when i point at something. That is why if any thing related to strength that is allowed in Olympics is Weightlifting. Because it has a less injury rate in long term and instead of making your nervous system weak, it actually make thier nervous system stronger.

  6. In light of the recent dramas, I feel like this video needs to be revisited. There are some golden nuggets in this video for those who insist about Jeffs approach to strength training.

  7. Very true. My left leg muscles apart from glutes are stronger for compensation, and a visible "hole" on the left side for lacking core muscles on that side prevents from training upper body with pushups at its full potential. With more exhaustive set, at the end of the set, there's a swing of the left arm, increased weight on shoulder and right side core and glute trying their hardest to get the body up when the left side of the core isn't doing its job.

    Result? Bigger left arm muscles, tilted shoulders, both shoulders tense too high and curled forwards, the big muscle from shoulder to neck being very small on the right side compared to the big one on the left side. Hip tilted backwards on one side, the ribcage tilted forwards on one side, one leg pointing different direction, all the left leg muscles very tight, right side of the back starting to burn when trying to sit on a saddle chair… The list just goes on and on.

    And the worst part of it is the lack of gains from not being able to train effectively until the imbalance is fixed. The body will hardly compensate and increase the imbalance if trying to work too hard to get those lacking gains up to date. Thankfully athlean has released probably every possible fix.

  8. Thanks for a great video Jeff. Watching it now in 2020, the Corona outbreak forced me to train at home with no barbells and made me realize just that: doing pistol squats I noticed how much stronger is my right leg is than left. Doing heavy single dumbell shoulder press made me realize how my right arm is stronger than left, going to use this time to address these issues.

  9. Big props to Jesse… He's overcome some big obstacles, made great progress, and is a real inspiration to all of us. It just goes to show that we're all capable of making big changes to our own bodies with proper nutrition and training. Jeff, thanks for all you do to contribute to the fitness community. It's nice to know (with all the crap out there) that there is a place where I can come to gain real knowledge and the right way to do things. I've been paying special attention to your shoulder workouts lately as I've noticed some pain/impingement. There were a handful of things I was doing wrong that contributed to this and have since adopted some different exercises you recommended. Keep up the good work!

  10. I actually have a problem of this kind rn and I am tryin to fix it. I started training without any guidance and I naturally had a dominant right hand and I never felt it really until now when I got more into everything I have found out that my arms are uneven

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