Worst Leg Exercise for Low Back (NOT WHAT YOU THINK!)

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The worst train on your low again just isn’t squats or deadlifts. No, in reality if executed correctly I’d argue that each of these leg exercises are able to fortifying your decrease again in opposition to breakdown and harm. On this video, I’m going to indicate you the leg train that’s inflicting you essentially the most decrease again ache with out you even realizing it.

The factor concerning the train is that it typically creates a delayed response and subsequently makes it troublesome to determine as the basis reason behind your ache. The leg motion I’m speaking about is mendacity hamstring curls. The difficulty isn’t a lot within the impact it has on the hamstrings however what is going on on the opposite aspect of the legs (within the psoas) that’s inflicting your low again to hate you.

First, it should be mentioned that there’s a little bit of irony to the train within the first place. Whereas the hamstring does in reality have two capabilities; hip extension and knee flexion, the strengthening of knee flexion with a hamstring curl isn’t even obligatory in case you are speaking about floor based mostly athletic actions and sports activities. Knee flexion on this surroundings is one thing we’re given free of charge by gravity and by letting our physique give in to the drive of gravity and decrease to the bottom.

Energetic knee flexion just isn’t one thing that’s wanted with a purpose to get us right down to the bottom. Now, hip extension is one other matter. Strengthening your legs and their capability to tug your hips into extension behind the physique goes to serve you nicely in each single exercise you carry out on the bottom and in sports activities. In order that mentioned, the applying of strengthened knee flexion is a bit misdirected and never even that obligatory within the first place.

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That mentioned, the mendacity leg curl goes to focus on the knee flexion operate of the hamstrings and supply resistance whereas doing so. The difficulty is available in once you try and both cheat the burden up as fatigue units in or simply try to squeeze out just a few extra reps. The inbuilt cheat is that you’ll depend on the isometric contraction of your deep hip flexors to shorten the second arm on the hamstrings and assist to deliver your butt nearer to your heel quite than the heel nearer to the butt.

This methods the physique into considering that you’ve got achieved a full rep once you actually haven’t. The push of the hip flexors into the pad will pop your butt up into the air and permit you to proceed the motion. The issue lies in what this does to the hip flexors. Usually occasions, this can trigger a reflex spasm within the psoas that may trigger nice discomfort within the muscle mass of the lumbar backbone and the psoas attachment to the decrease lumbar vertebrae.

Usually occasions folks will really feel very sore the following day of their low backs after leg day and assume that they will need to have executed one thing fallacious when squatting or deadlifting when neither was accountable. As an alternative you wish to deal with hamstring exercises that prioritize hip extension and if they’re going to embody resisted knee flexion then they achieve this with out counter drive on the hip flexors.

Issues like glute bridges, glute bridge and curls, physioball hamstring curls, barbell hip thrusts and glute ham raises are all nice choices. With the glute ham increase you wish to be certain you’re maintaining your torso lengthy all through the vary of movement and never shortening the physique by doing the identical fallacious factor together with your hip flexors.

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All in all, choosing the right exercises on your legs comes right down to discovering these which can be able to inflicting the best positive factors whereas on the similar time stopping harm and harm to your decrease again. If you wish to practice like an athlete and get this proper each time, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System.

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  1. I never heard of anybody really saying squats and deadlifts are bad just if u don't it incorrectly. I had injuries I'm still tryna heal from but take it light to learn to correct my form to be successful 😌

  2. I have had TFL pain doing hamstring curls, but I can understand getting low back pain doing lying curls. But if you do them seated it's not as bad, and it also increases range of motion for the biarticulate hammies.

  3. Thanks so much Jeff, these tips have been a real eye-opener to some long lasting lower lumbar discomfort I've been dealing with an unable to identify the problem, can't thank you enough.

  4. Athlean -X is as knowledgeable as ever thanks man you are the best! we just need more of you. Just to add this, the irony of having dust on your leg curls is the same reason why finally these machines have been phased out of public gyms. Thank god!!

  5. I've had this issue before. I'd have spasms in my hip flexors during/after my leg curl sets and never really felt good doing this exercise. I now understand and respect the importance of closed chain movements as opposed to exercises like leg curls/extensions that have zero carryover to the real world.

  6. Exercise is not a problem. There's no bad exercises. The problem is the poor posture of 90% of people and their dysfunctions and imbalances. It's just that a lot of people don't have to do some exercises, not because the exercise is bad, but because they have dysfunctions and imbalances.

  7. Jeff, thanks for pointing this out. I have recently started doing these hamstring curls and have had lower back pain since.. I certainly didn't link it to this exercise. BB hip thrusts and bridge curls from now on.

  8. This guy really knows wht he’s talkin bout.. i did thr leg curls yesterday after a year.. and guess what.. i have a lower back pain.. cud even b a slight slipped disc.. and now in rest..!hate tht shitty exercise

  9. Nice one Jeff, love your channel as i've got a bad back and keeping on top of keeping strong and fit is hard work sometimes. I love all your videos about lower back issues and especially ones like this. Ive always done hamstring curls on and off but made my back ache but wasn't guessing it was these not helping the issue. LEGEND! keep up the awesome videos dude.

  10. I could never figure out how to do this anyway. The pad near my feet would aways slide down toward my feet when i would curl and it would just make me put the lifting pressure all on my calf muscles instead. So I didn't think it worked well.

  11. do a vid about single leg dumbbell deadlifts if it kills the back or not

    by the way Jeff u are unparalleled and being informative with things like this is very helpful

  12. Hmmm…. yup…. that's what I've been doing wrong for years. That explains a lot. Great information and advice. I shall be adjusting my training. Many thanks! 🙂

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