Workout Volume is Killing Your Gains!

In the event you’ve been round any fitness center or on-line discussion board lately you’ve probably heard that coaching quantity is the important thing to all muscle development and positive aspects. In reality, of each different component of your workouts, the quantity of coaching quantity you accrue over a single workout or a number of workouts is meant to be the primary driver of muscle development and dimension. On this video, I’m going to debunk the worth of quantity. In reality, I’m going to indicate you the way quantity may be nearly fully negated within the absence of one thing way more necessary – coaching depth.

Very like purposeful coaching was the excitement phrase of the early 2000’s, quantity has turn into the equal for 2019. We have now been led to consider that merely including extra units and time to our workouts goes to equate to sooner and extra important muscle development. This has led to an epidemic of individuals spending extra time than ever within the fitness center, getting far much less outcomes than ever earlier than.

To not point out, with all the extra quantity being misdirected in direction of their joints and tendons there are extra folks gaining aches and pains from their coaching than they’re hypertrophy. Why is that this? As a result of accruing quantity for the sake of quantity is among the greatest errors you may make in your workouts. The very best factor you are able to do is commerce in a few of that quantity for depth when you actually wish to see elevated muscle mass and growth.

As it’s, I consider that many individuals within the fitness center merely don’t practice arduous sufficient. The adoption of quantity as the driving force of positive aspects and the main target of many individuals’s workouts is one thing that simply suits that narrative. Quite than work tougher with much less, all that’s required to acquire extra quantity is time. When you’ve got further time to spare, you’ll be able to add extra units to your workouts. That stated, the one means you’re going to add extra depth is with extra effort.

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Effort is one thing that won’t come simple. Effort goes to demand that you simply search for methods to accentuate the state of your workouts. Including paused repetitions, lowering relaxation time between units, pushing to precise failure a minimum of a number of instances throughout your workouts are all issues which are going to require the next degree of output and energy than merely including extra time.

If you wish to see larger muscle development out of your workouts you’re going to must be keen to push tougher. What winds up occurring whenever you commerce in workout size for depth is that you simply see what science has proven and that’s, whilst little as 4-10 productive excessive effort units is all it takes to elicit a muscle hypertrophy response out of your coaching. There isn’t any must spend hours and hours in a fitness center making an attempt to get outcomes when far much less time is able to doing the identical.

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  2. Intensity is the weight? Or the rep ?

    Me I keep 10 set whit 12 rep when get easy or I feel ready I put more weight.
    I start whit 5kg dumbells I expect to reach 25kg in two months same number if set and rep my goal is 60 kg dumbells. I did before but car accident make me lose everything. I'm not in a hurry.

  3. To keep things in perspective. If your priorities are health, longevity, and being injury-free… then both high volume and training to failure intensity are wrong. With high volume probably being at least safer option if it's done with less weight. I've lost count of how many people wrecked their body pushing it too hard. Ending up having trouble doing basic things in your day and living with pain for 30-40 years doesn't look like fun.

  4. I am 63 years old and work out 4-5 days a week-should I be lifting to failure on my reps ?.I'm 5'7" & in good shape and stretch and walk for 20 minutes before I lift. I lift to be stronger not huge-Any thoughts?- p.s. I think your videos are great

  5. I'm really enjoying the workout with Jeff, he explaines the exercises so they're easy to understand. It's like have your own personal trainer. Thank you Jeff from Patricia (Sydney Australia)

  6. It's hard to get my chest sore on intensity with heavier weight and no spot but i made the switch last week. I started working out with drop sets from 50-55 dumbells down to 25-30s about six months ago to get my stamina up but just like you said my shoulders and supporting muscles feel it more than my chest these days so I'm kicking it up to 60-70s as many reps as possible and only drop setting the last set to see how it goes. Thank you!

  7. Yes intensity is key but I wonder what that guy named Arnold would say about volume as well, you know, that guy who is the greatest bodybuilder of all time. I wonder.

  8. Just for clarity, when you say research shows that 4-10 quality sets is optimal for protein synthesis, do you mean per week (as opposed to per session)? Also, if more volume is bad because it is assumed it tends toward lower intensity, what if one was able to increase volume without decreasing but rather maintaining intensity? Would it still be better on the net in that case?

  9. 2 methods to use. Isocompress heavy weights at the 2 extremities top and bottom and that could get the right power without that pesky elastic band. It'll induct into the center range of motion.
    And the other being in the 80% center just do medium weights that's Isotonic.
    Done, Mission accomplished 😌 👌 😎.
    Or you could do what million other Seniors recommend , 'Fitness.'

  10. The more volume, the less intensity…. it's as simple as that…. the less intensity, the less hypertrophy… it's as simple as that…. you can lift a coke can for million reps without any results… there should be a balance between volume and intensity… a sweet spot… because, like in everything in life, there is DIMINISHING RETURN…. more is never better…and I believe, Nippard is also saying the same thing as Jeff does… just from the volume perspective… both volume and intensity are necessary but up to a point!… And I know that a lot of gym bros are doing much more volume than they really need … Jeff is Jeffinately right….👍

  11. This is exactly the truth.. I've been in the lifting game for more than 35 years and Jeff really knows what it is about volume and intensity… you really don't need a lot of sets… you just need high quality perfect form perfect eccentric concentric slow reps taking 2 to 3 seconds each with good time under tension close to failure (1 to 3 reps in reserve/in the tank) quality over quantity!!! …. the gains from 12 sets are even not twice of gains from 1 quality set!!!… believe me…. experiment variations… take what feels good… and really like Jeff says,… 4 to 10 quality total sets per body part are all you need….👍👍👍

  12. I needed this. I’m that guy that would do like 30 sets in 1 day and 60 per week 🤦‍♂️

    I cut my workout down now, I realized exactly what Jeff is saying and now I only do the basic and true Og compound movements
    Bench press, push ups, squats, deadlifts, etc

    I made gains before but I hit a ceiling and I feel like this is definitely going to be a huge change that’ll get me the results I want

    Thanks Jeff!

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