Why You’re NOT Losing Weight (RED FLAGS!)

For those who questioned why you’re not losing a few pounds even if it feels such as you’ve tried all the pieces, then that is the video you aren’t going to need to miss. I’m revealing my “5 Pink Flags” that make my ears perk up any time somebody that’s making an attempt to drop some pounds says them. These reveal the actual purpose why you’re not losing a few pounds .

The pink flags revolve across the widespread phrases that people who find themselves caught in weight reduction plateaus say after they can’t appear to get any extra outcomes. Usually instances, the identical particular person will say multiple of those. Even should you simply say one, it’s okay. The intention is just to boost consciousness to the usage of the time period and extra importantly, offer you a gameplan for the way you need to be pondering if you wish to begin experiencing sooner weight reduction once more.

The primary query comes within the type of “What train is finest to do away with this”. The “this” is accompanied by a pointing to some are of physique fats on the physique that the particular person is making an attempt to do away with. Usually instances that is the abdomen or love handles in males and the arms or thighs in girls. The very fact is, there may be by no means a single train that’s going that will help you to lose physique fats in a selected space. We all know that spot discount isn’t attainable, however past that, it’s the concept train is the quickest path to weight reduction that’s flawed.

If you don’t concentrate on making a calorie deficit by means of diet then you’ll by no means see the kind of weight reduction outcomes that you simply’re after.

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Train in even its most metabolically demanding type (akin to in a burpee) remains to be solely able to a minimal impression on creating the vitality deficit, particularly when you think about the truth that a single meal following your arduous workout is sufficient to put you again within the gap in terms of eliminating the surplus fats in your physique.

The second flag revolves round the usage of fasted cardio. Many will declare that regardless of their efforts to stand up very first thing within the morning and do cardio on an empty abdomen moderately than after they’ve eaten, they nonetheless aren’t seeing the kind of fats loss that they want. There’s a purpose for this. Once more, the kind of train you do is rarely going to have the impression on creating an vitality deficit that smarter meals selections will. It goes past this nonetheless, since in terms of cardio, analysis has but to show that doing cardio in a fasted state gives any extra advantages to fed cardio.

Save the efforts for what you place in your mouth and eat within the morning should you’re hungry. You simply might have a extra productive workout once you’re not ravenous.

The third warning signal when somebody isn’t losing a few pounds is when somebody claims to be a “clear eater”. Maybe no different phrase is as robust an indicator to me of somebody that isn’t actually consuming in addition to they need to be. It comes down the main points of the meals eaten right here. Simply because two meals might share a single ingredient doesn’t imply that they’re the identical calorically. Fish isn’t sushi. Rooster isn’t hen parmigiana. Be taught the variations between these meals by way of the impression they’ve in your physique fats ranges and also you’ll begin to recognize the adjustments you must make to start out losing a few pounds sooner than ever earlier than.

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The fourth pink flag is the truth that the way in which you eat has a reputation. Most weight loss plan plans have names. We all know that by nature, diets are non permanent fixes and never long run life-style options. For those who actually need to obtain everlasting weight reduction then you’re going to have to determine methods to eat in a means you could follow ceaselessly.

Lastly, in case your aim date for losing a few pounds and getting leaner has an expiration date then you’re destined to fail in the long term. Now, I can recognize the motivation {that a} aim gives somebody for getting in form. The issue is, when the aim date is over then what occurs. As a substitute, look to an interior extra deep motivation for why you need to change. Perhaps you need to be more healthy on your youngsters or your self. Look beneath the floor and the long run adjustments you’re seeking to make will likely be a lot simpler.

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    If you don’t win, no worries, you’re not going away empty handed. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  2. Thank you for your straight shooting advice. 🎯 I love how you keep it real. 👍 I started following you, when I commenced losing weight back in 2019. I ended up losing around 25 kilos within 9 months at 48 years old. I maintained my new physique and healthier lifestyle during numerous strict lockdowns here in Melbourne Australia whilst being indoors most of the time as it was winter and we were restricted to being outdoors. I did not have a trainer or gym, both my parents passed away, I had work pressures and other stressors and my mental health plummeted, yet I continued. But I then started wanting to build muscle, increased my calories, I got confused with different advice, felt hungry all the time, allowed the stress of dealing with deceased estates and long ongoing family conflict get to me, I contracted viruses 3 times within a few months including Covid-19 and I was unable to exercise consistently. When I resumed an exercise routine again after having Covid-19, I struggled with my energy, strength and motivation. I started drinking alcohol more regularly and I have now gained around 10 kilos. I am struggling to get back on track and I feel badly for derailing after all my hard work and after maintaining it for around 3 years.

  3. Exactly… sometimes your body need rest and have this state that you can not loose weight even if you are trying hard, the key is look at it from long term view and be consistent and never give up …

    Speaking from my own experience , this is the 3rd time I am loosing 40 kg… already lost 20kg and 20kg to go… but now, nothing drastical, thank you for your wise words it really helped me during crisis stage

  4. truth be told, my chicken is so boring when I cook it. its literally just chicken with lemon pepper and salt on it lol. My salads are also plain but I am aware that I add some cheese, ranch dressing and nuts on them. I dont have a lot of weight to lose, but ehh Im atleast bulking up in other areas where muscle is good to have in lol

  5. Bro you’re awesome. Thanks for the motivation. I stopped drinking alcohol and started eating healthy foods only, joined a gym and stay on top of a routine at home and I went from 223lbs, to 204lbs in 2 weeks.

  6. This is a great channel and a great video, thank you! I’ve lost 180 pounds over the last 4 years and while that’s a lot less than 2 pounds per week I was in physical therapy for a year for frozen shoulder, I also have retrolethesis in my lower spine and wedging in my thoracic section of my spine. I’m on an anti-inflammatory diet, I log my food, no alcohol, no smoking, I use the elliptical 30 minutes per night and I’m not out of breath but my joints are very sore from arthritis. I have dumbbells and do some weightlifting but with my spine, arthritis and shoulder adding weight, reps or sets seems like I could easily get injured. I’ve been on a plateau for a few months so I guess I’ll need to try increasing reps and sets. I still have 120 pounds to lose so knowing I need to step up the exercise when my health is in the condition it’s in but I haven’t found viable advice.

  7. Im 16, 80kg, bodyfat around 25-30%, 3x Resistance Training a week, 176cm hight, and the most calorie calculator say maintainance 2300 to 2500 is that right?

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