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If you wish to get large shoulders you will have probably used shoulder presses as a staple train in your workout. That stated, there are lots of totally different press variations and selecting the best one cannot solely assist you to to construct greater shoulders however maintain them protected and wholesome on the identical time. On this video, I’m breaking down three shoulder press variations that can assist you resolve which is greatest.

We begin with one variation that doesn’t even make the lower; the behind the neck barbell press. This train will not be advisable due to the awkward place it locations your shoulder joint. The scapular aircraft calls for that you’ve your arm angled barely ahead (about 45 levels from the frontal aircraft). If you do the behind the neck press you might be effectively out of this aircraft and inflicting an excellent pressure in your shoulder capsule in the long term.

That stated, we do produce other variations which are higher and that’s what we’re placing face to face right here. The primary of those is the seated dumbbell press. Some would possibly suppose that there’s a bonus to not performing this standing since you possibly can maintain the legs out of it. Not solely is that this not the case however as you will notice, the legs truly grow to be a bonus within the standing model of the train.

The larger problem is that once you begin to fatigue you lean again and wind up recruiting the muscle mass of the higher chest that can assist you raise the weights. Whereas this wouldn’t usually be a nasty factor, it additionally comes with the facet impact of urgent your head into the again of the bench as a counterforce (which may simply result in a neck pressure) and in addition pins the shoulder blades towards the bench which interferes with the traditional scapulohumeral rhythm.

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Any time you disrupt the motion contribution of the shoulder blades to the overhead press you might be putting your shoulders ready to be injured. For that reason we’ve to scrap this one from consideration as the best choice on this iron face off of shoulder presses.

We are able to do both of the standing press variations. The issue with the barbell press nonetheless is that the barbell lets you cover left to proper imbalances and weaknesses whereas on the identical time limiting the number of the motion that may be achieved with a dumbbell. Additionally, forgetting to slim up your grip on the overhead barbell press goes to regularly make your elbows drift again out of the scapular aircraft into the extra unhealthy aircraft of the behind the neck press.

Given the dumbbells variability and the drop set functionality of the push press choice in addition to the alternating dumbbell model when fatigue units in, I might give the crown to the standing dumbbell press. That is the train I might do for shoulder presses if I might solely do one. That stated, a effectively designed program would incorporate many alternative variations of a shoulder press and program them on the proper time for the suitable objective.

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  1. God I miss dumbell press. Got a shoulder replacement so going heavy is out of the question. I can but light weight. Straight bar I can go heavier but my one arm/shoulder helps out my weaker arm/shoulder. Independent exercises like shoulder and chest I have issues with. My good arm/shoulder is alot stronger. Don't fuck up your shoulders and if you do, do whatever you can to fix it rather then ignore it for years like me and then the only option is surgery. Be smarter then me. Lol

  2. Shoulder pain just raising my arms out from my sides to Lehrer my arms are out like I’m going to fly. That position right there I get stabbing bains in the joints. I can go around it and still get them above my head but position is brutal, both shoulders. Thoughts

  3. Will try standing press again. Ive always gravitated to seated dumbell press as I have a tendency to arc my back when tired.
    My only problem is i feel my shoulder press is abnormally weak for my size and physique. Its my least favorite exercise.

  4. Anecdotally, it took loading the barbell up heavier to finally start seeing my delts grow. Dumbbells didn’t give me the same loading ability so I keep them as accessory lifts to the standing barbell press since that is what has given me the best gains in both strength and hypertrophy.

  5. That was really helpful, I've been doing a barbel behind the neck and struggling for the reason you outlined.
    Can you do something for hip's lower abs area, I'm trying to sort out my spine and I need to do something about my pelvic tilt, I don't want to stop doing deadlifts, so what exercise can I do too put equal strain on my hips/lower abs too pull my hips forward?

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