V Shred Ripped in 90 Days Review

V Shred Ripped in 90 days review reaching “ripped” status means sculpting your body to look muscular and lean without hiding your washboard abs under a fatty layer (a la Ryan Reynolds, Adam Levine, and Gerard Butler).

v shred ripped in 90 days review

But beefin’ up and shreddin’ fat requires insane training commitment and a rigid eating plan, which can be tough to juggle for fitness newcomers.

v shred ripped in 90 days review

The solution might be sitting in front of your very eyes: the wildly popular V Shred ripped in 90 days review.

V Shred co-founder Vince Sant reports selling hundreds of thousands of copies in only a matter of months. But is this program legit for those eyeing Kevin Hart’s absolutely ripped physique?

v shred ripped in 90 days review

I’m jumping in here at the beginning to basically spoil the review for you. Ready?

v shred ripped in 90 days review

We gave V shred ripped in 90 days review program a 7.4/10 rating.

Let’s be honest, that’s not terrible! (But it’s not great either)

V Shred is one of the biggest names in muscle-building and fat-loss programs right now, but you might find yourself getting subpar results.

So, why would we pick this over Ripped in 90 Days?

First off, Ripped in 90 Days distracts you from what really builds muscle and puts unnecessary emphasis on supplements.

Let me be the first to say, “Yes, supplements have their place and some of them (like creatine) are heavily-researched with lots of evidence of improving muscle gain and fat loss.”

However, supplements like test boosters, HGH boosters, and fat burners have very little evidence of actually changing your body.

v shred ripped in 90 days review

The fact that V Shred heavily promotes these products in their program raises a red flag.

v shred ripped in 90 days review

About the Creator – V Shred

V Shred — short for “Vinsanity Shred” — is Vince Sant’s now-global-scale pet project. The fitness model, certified personal trainer (ISSA), and self-proclaimed best-selling author launched the training platform just a few years ago.

v shred ripped in 90 days review

By 2021’s definition, V Shred is officially at “viral” status.

v shred ripped in 90 days review

The platform’s digital following now includes over 134 million YouTube views, 4.2 million Facebook fans, and over one million Instagram followers (some of which blasted almost three-fold since early 2018).

Almost every cutting-edge program touts the “secret sauce,” but V Shred is one of the rare exceptions: it takes a brand new approach. The company’s three goals are (vaguely):

  1. To turn casual fitness hobbyists into proud and successful V Shred participants
  2. To return the “fun” to training and nutrition, while creating long-lasting lifestyle changes
  3. To bring realistic and actionable training advice to the average person

The V Shred mentality is accurately dubbed the “minimum effective” dose. In other words, it’s not the classic training program that cuts your calories in half or leaves you icing joints numb; you’ll do the least amount needed to guarantee maximal results.

Whether it’s truly the “fastest-growing fitness, nutrition, and supplement brand in the world” is still up for debate since most people I’ve talked to have never heard of V Shred University.

v shred ripped in 90 days review

On the flip side, brands like Peloton, Fringesport, and Mirror are soaring in popularity as at-home fitness solutions become the “norm.”

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What is the V Shred Ripped in 90 Days Program?

The V Shred Ripped in 90 Days Program is quite clear about what it promises. No matter how old, fit, or active you currently are, this program guarantees a near-full body transformation in only 90 days (muscle-building and fat-torching, supported by a 30-day money-back guarantee).

This purely digital program is compatible with both your smartphone (Android or Apple) and web browsers, though the mobile version thrives in the traditional gym setting for obvious reasons.

v shred ripped in 90 days review

V Shred Ripped is a full cardio, weightlifting, supplement, and diet jumble. But if you want to get a taste for the basics, here’s what to expect:

  • A 12-week lifting program
  • Fast 45-minute workouts
  • A focus on time under tension (build more muscle with less exercise)
  • An ab-shredding focus for symmetrical washboard abs
  • A <$50 weekly grocery shopping budget
  • Supplement recommendations to press “fast forward” on progress

Is it legit? Is this actually how long it takes to get ripped?

We’re getting to that!

But based on the before and after snaps on the V Shred site, where guys are slimming down from 173 to 155 pounds (and dropping from 19% to 10% body fat), the answer is a resounding yes.

v shred ripped in 90 days review

V Shred Ripped in 90 Days FAQs

Can You Get Ripped in 90 Days or 3 months?

Yes, you can definitely get ripped in 90 day, but it depends on where you’re starting from or your current fitness level. So keep in mind that the amount of fat you can burn and muscle you can build within 90 days will vary from person to person.

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Is V Shred Ripped in 90 days worth It?

Although it’s not the best program out there, V Shred’s ripped in 90 days program seems effective at losing weight, while effectively supporting muscle gain (especially for newbies).

How Much Does V Shred Ripped in 90 Days Cost?

V Shred’s ripped in 90 days program costs a one-time fee of $57. From our perspective, this program might be a decent purchase for the price and value.

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v shred ripped in 90 days review

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