Ultimate Total Body Dumbbell Workout (BEGINNER TO ADVANCED!)

When you’ve got a pair of dumbbells then you are able to do this whole physique dumbbell workout. From newbie to superior, it doesn’t matter what degree of health you have got you should have a house workout possibility that can assist you construct muscle and get in form shortly. The important thing to this dumbbell workout is that it trades in workout size for depth. You received’t must work out for greater than 20 minutes to get good outcomes from this circuit.

To begin, choose a single set of dumbbells that you’ll use at some stage in this workout. Inexperienced persons ought to use someplace round 10 pound dumbbells. Intermediate lifters can use dumbbells that weigh near 30 kilos (give or take a couple of kilos in both route). Probably the most superior will seemingly use a set of dumbbells that weigh round 50 kilos.

The complete workout is damaged down into 4 rounds. Every spherical consists of two house dumbbell exercises with the primary all the time being a variation of the renegade row. The aim is to finish 5 reps on every arm of the row, both staying in a single place if you’re a newbie or restricted on house workout house or by touring as you carry out them as proven.

When you full these you then have to face up and carry out your train for 40 seconds. If it’s good to relaxation in any respect, accomplish that in relaxation pause style protecting it as temporary as attainable. As soon as the 40 seconds are carried out you stroll again to the beginning spot and relaxation 20 seconds earlier than continuing into the subsequent train within the circuit workout. No relaxation is taken between rounds on this circuit. After all the circuit is carried out, take a 2 minute relaxation and intention to finish all the full physique dumbbell workout a complete of three instances.


The workout is damaged down spherical by spherical as follows.

Spherical 1:
Renegade Row March x 5 every arm
Dumbbell Thrusters x 40 seconds / Relaxation 20 seconds

Spherical 2:
Renegade Row March x 5 every arm
DB Sprinter Lunges x 40 seconds / Relaxation 20 seconds

Spherical 3:
Renegade Row March x 5 every arm
Shut Grip Squeeze Ups x 40 seconds / Relaxation 20 seconds

Spherical 4:
Renegade Row March x 5 every arm
Dumbbell Excessive Pulls from Ground x 40 seconds / Relaxation 20 seconds

Should you can full this circuit workout with ease, then take into account both performing one other whole circuit or simply growing the load of the dumbbells that you just’re utilizing. The aim is to not merely get a sweat up by doing this. You wish to really feel as in case you labored out and that your muscle groups are fatigued when completed. This isn’t merely a cardiovascular workout.

As for the muscle groups that you’re hitting with this house dumbbell workout, there are various. The thruster is hitting your shoulders, legs, triceps and higher chest. The sprinter lunges are greatest at recruiting the muscle groups of the posterior chain just like the hamstrings and glutes. The shut grip squeeze ups are an intense pushup variation that can actually gentle up the pecs whereas making the triceps do lots of work. Lastly, the excessive pulls will hit the traps, shoulders and muscle groups of the higher again to not point out the quads. The staple train of the renegade row is nice at hitting the lats and mid-scap muscle groups whereas inserting a heavy emphasis on the core and biceps.

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Should you give this a attempt, please be sure you let me know the way you preferred it within the feedback beneath.

The important thing to constructing muscle at house with dumbbells is to know the appropriate exercises to carry out. This whole physique workout goes to can help you hit each muscle in your legs, again, chest, shoulders, arms and core with simply 5 rigorously chosen dumbbell exercises. It is time to begin constructing muscle at house with out having to spend hours making an attempt to do it.

If you’re on the lookout for a whole program to provide you each house workout it’s good to do with out even requiring a set of dumbbells to carry out the exercises, be sure you go to and take a look at the XERO program. Construct ripped athletic muscle in simply weeks following the meal plans and day by day workouts offered.

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  1. Just tried this out at my friends garage gym. This is so tiring! I could not do one set without taking a long break between. I’ll definitely have to tackle this again on Thursday

  2. I have finally setup some gym equipment at home and today was the day i tried this workout… All i got to say is, I pushed myself and tried to continuously progress with my sets and boy i got my ass kicked on the last set. GREAT workout! Time for a nap!

  3. Loved the exercice !
    Did it yesterday with 22pound dumbbells (2x5kg on each dumbbell) , got my heart pumping fast as if I was doing a sprint !
    At the end of the third workout I felt really pumped and muscles where not hurting but they definitely got worked because I tried some dumbbell lifting and push-ups and it was just impossible.
    My arms just said "dude, no. Just no." as I couldn't even do one push up ; so I guess this means the exercice went well :p

    Today muscles feel sore (and I love that soreness, makes me feel like I worked out).

    I have some questions now !

    How often should I do this exercice ?
    Once a week ?
    Once every two days ?
    Should I pair it with something else ?

    In my case I am no athlete, just a 43 y/o "work from home" dad with two kids, a loving wife and a couch potato (aka a Basset Hound).

    I just want to stay in shape and I have a little issue with my tolerance to pain, it is sort of inverted (asperger syndrome ahoy !) and I feel pain but really too late (for example I was running a whole year, 4×1 hour per week, usually between 11 and 13km (6.8 to 8 miles), with a torn meniscus and my doctor realized that only when I started having mobility issues, no pain but just things like my knee locking when I was using stairs or because I complained about "popping" noises when I was sitting down or getting up)

    I dream of having abs and a muscular body, but for the moment I'm already happy to be 70"/1.79m for 165 pounds/75kg (was obese younger, peak was 440 pounds when I was 62" high).
    Fighting the fight against my dad bod !
    And trying to get back in shape chest wise, a prior neck injury had me loose a lot of mass and form in the right pectoral zone, the zone near my flank on the far edge of the pectoralis major is sort of depressed and an inside curvature appears where it should be "bumping" out like a regular pectoralis major.

    I used to do 45min workouts + 45min running every day (except week ends) just to pump out the stress from my job.
    But I stopped since November 2021 until now as I was moving from flat to house and a lot to attend to with some works in the house, the unboxing and all the changes for the family :p

    So I am slowly getting back on track now that things are settled.

    I am mighty interested in your programs, just need to find the proper moment to settle on one (job position changing soon, so need to see the agenda changes that that will imply).

  4. Are any of those exercises safe for the lower back? Also, I’ve heard you can’t lift your arms with dumbbells because it can injure your shoulders long term. Is it true? Thanks!

  5. Fantastic workout! It was a killer. After the first round, I had to do a gut check. Thanks for putting this out there. For the past 40 days, I've been using your free workouts M-F. I'm down 11 pounds and have a lot more energy and seeing gains in strength. A huge thanks! The reward for reaching my goal weight…I plan on purchasing one of the Athlean-X programs.

  6. Do you have any tips on preventing the dumbbells from rolling when doing the squeeze ups? That sometimes screws up my balance, especially on the last set.

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