Ultimate Fitness Test (1 REP OR DIE?)

Smash any health take a look at you’re taking by coaching like an athlete

Apparently, this final health take a look at is one thing you need to be capable to do a minimum of as soon as if you wish to stay an extended wholesome life. After you see it and extra importantly attempt it, you could suppose in another way. You see, if that is the very best take a look at of health, then we’ve acquired to begin critically elevating our requirements. Too typically as of late the bodily readiness exams and exams of health which might be laid at our ft to supposedly decide how prepared we’re to sort out life’s challenges are lackluster at greatest.

On this video, I’m going to point out you the most recent within the line of challenges which might be setting the bar too low for the place we needs to be aiming to take our health stage. The seated rising take a look at is one wherein you’re speculated to decrease your self to the bottom from a standing place after which get your self again as much as your ft, with out ever utilizing your arms, shins or knees. In different phrases, none of those elements are allowed to make contact with the ground at any time limit in the course of the ascent or the descent.

If you happen to can full only one rep of this health take a look at you’re supposedly deemed match and far much less prone to endure an early dying. Actually? That’s fairly a leap proper there. Now don’t get me incorrect, I perceive that there are definitely some bodily conditions that it’s essential to have so as to carry out this take a look at and ace it. For example,it’s essential to have equal elements steadiness, decrease physique energy and coordination.

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If you happen to lack any of the three you’ll seemingly discover this way more difficult, and perhaps even unimaginable. No matter whether or not you may move this health take a look at or not nonetheless the vital lesson is to not let it decide your objectives. Don’t be glad simply because you are able to do a single rep or extra of this take a look at. Let that merely reaffirm that you’re on the correct path and possess the correct basis of athleticism to construct off of.

If you happen to can not carry out a rep of this take a look at of health, then let it’s a wakeup name to you to begin taking significantly better care of your self and your well being. I do know that having unhealthy knees or joints could make this a bit more durable to do, however that doesn’t make it unimaginable. Possibly you don’t have the steadiness to do it correctly? Okay, then begin bettering your steadiness and energy. It’s by no means too late to begin caring about your health and I’m completely satisfied that will help you do this.

With over 500 free movies right here on this channel, you may have greater than sufficient of a place to begin to begin getting your health so as. If you end up able to take it to the subsequent stage and begin coaching like an athlete I’ve acquired a step-by-step program that can present you every thing you could do each workout to be sure you make your quickest progress ever. You will discover this at within the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System.

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  1. What are the 9 other standards of fitness? You should do a video on that. Also, you should put together a Ground Zero program that incorporates exercises that "we should all be able to do." Thanks sir.

  2. This is stupid, not everyone's shins to thighs are the same proportion, and people's hips are set differently. My legs are longer and my feet just don't go as close to my ass as Jeff's do, it doesn't matter if I'm twice as strong or twice as thin, it's just fucking awkward at the bottom and you're an asshole for not considering that.

  3. This is complete nonsense) Comparison with children in this "test" is inappropriate. He stretches his arms forward to maintain balance. It will be difficult for people with a developed back hip to stand up, but this does not mean that they will live less than people with different body proportions. In general, this is a useless and traumatic “test”

  4. I could do this instantly without any problem what so ever and I consider myself to be BAD at caring for my back and legs. And I was so astounded, then you mentioned that it SHOULD be easy and man you are so right. Made me feel good still, but in another way. Made me feel proud that without WORKING OUT everyday, I am NOT the standard I used to be: Sit at your desk/sofa all day and then wonder why the frick your body hurts. Good video as always, love ya man!

  5. 30 years of manual labour in all weathers can wreck the body a tad. We can’t all be gym instructors. Try working in snow, sleet and rain – getting up off the floor would be the least of your worries.

  6. I joined a gym 33 years ago. I learned I'm a "hard gainer". My focus has been lifting weights, hardly any cardio, which I am now adding in small doses. I go heavy, and now in my 60's have acquired some serious muscle mass, stronger than in each previous decade. Just some observations here, although anecdotal. Seems like every few years there is a new fad, or scientific breakthrough that I have found may or may not be true. While working out with weights, and doing regular cardio has a tremendous impact on fitness, that does not necessarily spill over to health. We all hear about avid runners dropping dead.

    A fraction of us, maybe .25% will look like the guy in this video, and kudos to him! I have learned you don't have to kill yourself in the gym. Sure try new things, but stick with what you like doing, what motivates you. Get there. Frequency is important. Do the power / functional moves weekly; Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, and Heavy Pulls- TBar Row, Lat Pull Downs, Rows, etc. It takes me about 7 workout days to do my entire body. My strength and muscle mass remain up. I never do a body part more than once a week. Bi/Tris I hit about 2 – 3 times a month. I can get a workout in the weight room completed in about 25 to 45 minutes. I try and hit the gym five days a week.

    As far as standing up without using your hands or kneeling- who cares? As we age it is much safer to use our arms, kneel, etc. to facilitate standing. Genetics, attitude, and a healthy life style will determine how long we live for the most part. I have seen many fit people die, and never met people in their 80's and 90's who go in the weight room. Some do walking cardio, Silver Sneakers…

    For the most part 99% of people I know in their 90's and some centenarians, never stepped into a gym or on a treadmill in their lives. Genetics at the top of the list, social, church, family structure, immunizations, health care, hobbies, an okay diet and staying heavily engaged seems key. But this class of people, centenarians in particular are able to manage stress, understand that tragedy is a part of life, and have the ability to keep on moving forward regardless of losses. They are fun to be around, quite chatty, have positive attitudes, don't obsess or dwell on negative things they cannot control, and stave off deppression. Sorry for this long comment! :)

  7. I am 40’and this made me depressed. I walk everyday but I can’t do this without rolling over. I am
    So depressed I just feel so far gone.. when I was 27 I was so athletic. Now I feel stuck literally on the floor. I am straining to stand up but can’t unless i roll over on all fours. I guess the 60lb gain in 13 years has something to do with it. What happened my habits are the same? I eat better now then when I was 27

  8. Ok I can do it no problem going down.i can even hold my butt 2 inches from the ground for a bit. But getting up i can't do it flat foot, i have to put all my weight on the outside edges of my feet then it's super easy.

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