Triceps pushdown bar

Triceps pushdown bar

What do freshly cut grass, veggie sandwiches, and triceps have in common? They are all underrated. Overshadowed by their neighbor biceps, the triceps deserve a place in your upper body strength training routine. If you want to give them proper attention, skip tricep dips and opt for a triceps pushdown bar instead. This exercise is safer for your shoulders and isolates your triceps more so you really feel the burn.

The risks of triceps dips

Although dips may be your standard triceps pushdown bar exercise, they’re not totally risk-free, especially if you have poor technique. Although they are considered a functional movement, they can increase stress on the shoulder joint.

Unlike the hip joints, for example, the shoulders are not a true ball and socket joint. This means they rely on muscles and joints for stability, which makes the shoulders more prone to injury. Dips also push certain shoulder joints beyond their typical range of motion, making it difficult to stabilize your shoulders.

Many people also lack the strength to perform a proper dive. As a result, they tend to compensate with other muscles as the triceps fatigue, which can cause sore shoulders.

Even the bars used for a tricep dip can increase stress on the shoulders. Depending on the width of the bars, the dip can become a chest exercise if the arms are too far apart, defeating the purpose of the exercise.

The Most Effective (and Safest) Triceps Exercise

If you’re looking for a good exercise change for your triceps dips, I recommend switching to a cable arm workout, barbell, or banded triceps curl. This movement is easy to perform in a gym, in a park or even at home.

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Unlike dips, the triceps pushdown bar puts significantly less pressure on the shoulder joint. Keeping the shoulder stable, this exercise isolates at the elbow joint, leaving the triceps solely responsible for extending the arm.

This move also helps you isolate the muscle more than the dips, giving your triceps a better workout. The triceps pushdown bar is also much more beginner friendly. It’s easier to perform and more customizable based on your current skills.

You can adjust the weight or resistance as needed, so you can start lighter and gradually increase the resistance.

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