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Triceps Cable Workout: Top 5 Tips to Maximize Results

We commonly see gym-goers use dumbbells,
barbells or machines to focus on their triceps. Nevertheless, there might be particular
conditions if you want, or just need, to work on triceps utilizing solely cable
machines. A lot of these workouts contain particular strategies to get the very best
impact by way of triceps progress and symmetry.

I wish to stroll you thru 5 triceps
cable workout ideas that will help you maximize your coaching and outcomes.

1. Use completely different

If you restrict your workout solely to cable machines, it’s essential to coach your triceps from completely different angles. This can can help you equally develop all three triceps heads: lengthy, lateral, and medial. You possibly can execute this situation by selecting numerous exercises, which entails completely different arm positions.

One associated examine carried out in 2018 revealed
the next:

A 0-degree shoulder elevation will most
doubtless work the lengthy head of the triceps whereas at 90, 135, and 180-degree arm
place, the medial head will expertise many of the pressure. For instance,
overhead rope extension and triceps cable pushdown are two train examples
that can help you strengthen completely different triceps points.

2. Attempt a range
of handles

It could not appear to be it at first, however the
angle at which your fingers are positioned when conducting a motion could make a giant
distinction to the world of the muscle during which it’s contracting. Once more, the
function of that is to focus on every anatomy of the triceps muscle and guarantee
balanced progress.

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There are three sorts of grips you should use
to carry out triceps exercises:

  • Underhand – palms going through
    upward. This palm place permits rising pressure within the outer a part of the
  • Overhand – palms going through
    downward. Utilizing overhand grip promotes larger focus to the inside a part of your
  • Impartial – palms going through every
    different. One of these gripping approach equally spreads the drive on all triceps

So, deciding on an acceptable grip on every
train can enhance or reduce stress on a selected triceps head.

For instance, in the event you carry out triceps cable
pushdown and use underhand grip you’ll maximally emphasize the lengthy head of
your triceps. In contrast, if you determine to cut back pressure within the lengthy head
you’ll be able to change to an overhand grip.

3. Work in a
completely different vary of motion

We will discover each the professionals and cons of utilizing
a full or partial vary of motion inside triceps exercises. By way of
muscle progress, the research present blended outcomes. Furthermore, they reveal that every
kind of motion might trigger barely completely different regional triceps muscle

It’s best to contemplate periodically altering
the vary of movement to seek out out what works finest for you.

In case of accidents,  adhering to partial reps might be a greater

Coaching at a full vary of movement, for some
exercises, is more likely to enhance pressure in tendons and ligaments inside the
joints being labored – on this case, elbows and shoulders. This might enhance
ache and never can help you totally recuperate from damage. On this case, coaching
with a partial vary of motion permits larger management and deal with a particular
space of the triceps, whereas decreasing the danger of damage inside joints.

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4. Enhance
quantity sparsely

On common, it’s recommended to carry out
between 5 to 10 units per muscle group every week. This quantity of workout quantity
needs to be sufficient to advertise optimum muscle progress. Nevertheless, in case your triceps are
lagging, it’s best to take into account regularly rising coaching quantity.

Start by including one other couple of reps to
your units. The following week, add one other set, adopted by one other set the week
after. That is known as progressive overload, the place you incorporate extra
reps and units into the given train routine.

It’s vital to recollect the emphasis on
‘progressive’ overload. This course of shouldn’t be abused. Don’t leap straight
in by overworking the muscle compared to what it’s used to – this may increasingly
trigger damage, and you’ll doubtless hit some extent the place the triceps are being
overworked and progress is not going to be made.

As well as, keep in mind after some interval of
coaching (1 – 3 weeks) for a couple of week, considerably lower quantity to permit
muscle groups to completely recuperate and scale back the danger of over-training.

5. Add different

Sadly, it’s widespread for weight
coaching to hit a plateau. That is the place you deal with particular exercises over a
time period, however you cease getting stronger and your triceps cease rising.

Though your ‘plateau’ stage could be aided by
making certain your progressive overload every time you repeat an train, it’s not
utterly avoidable. When this occurs, incorporate or attempt utterly new
exercises that work the triceps.

For instance, in keeping with the American
Council on Train examine, the three very efficient exercises for the triceps

  • Diamond push-ups
  • Kickbacks
  • Dips
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Health heavyweight, Bret Contreras,
carried out his personal experiment and located that the simplest triceps
exercises are:

  • Rope Extension,
  • Cable Extension,
  • Weighted Dip

As you’ll be able to see, there are different various exercises which you’ll be able to simply add to your triceps cable workout. A superb instance is diamond push-ups. To carry out it, you don’t want any particular tools besides on your personal physique weight!

Triceps cable
workout examples

Let’s take a look at two examples of tips on how to
set up a triceps workout utilizing solely a cable machine.

  1. Overhead rope extension – 3 units of 8–12 reps
  2. Triceps cable pushdown – 3 units of 6–10 reps


  1. Triceps pushdown V bar – 3 units of 8–10 reps
  2. Kneeling cable triceps extension – 2 units of 8–10 reps
  3. Single arm cable kickback – 2 units of 10–12 reps

  1. ACE examine identifies finest triceps exercises.
  2. Variations in muscle exercise throughout cable resistance coaching are influenced by variations in deal with varieties.
  3. Dose-response of 1, 3, and 5 units of resistance train on energy, native muscular endurance, and hypertrophy.
  4. Contained in the muscle groups: finest chest and triceps exercises.
  5. Proof for an higher threshold for resistance coaching quantity in skilled ladies.
  6. Affect of full vary of movement vs. equalized partial vary of movement coaching on muscle structure and mechanical properties.
  7. Resistance coaching quantity enhances muscle hypertrophy however not energy in skilled males.
  8. Triceps brachii muscle energy and architectural variations with resistance coaching exercises at quick or lengthy fascicle size.
  9. The completely different function of every head of the triceps brachii muscle in elbow extension.

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