Tricep rope pull downs

How to do triceps pulldowns

The tricep rope pull downs is among the finest exercises for triceps growth. Whereas the versatile upper-body workout is often finished on a cable machine (a fixture at most gyms), you may as well carry out a model of the transfer at dwelling or on the go utilizing a resistance band.

Additionally Identified As: Pushdowns, cable pushdowns, rope pushdowns.

Targets: tricep rope pull downs

Gear Wanted: Pushdown machine (cable machine) or a resistance band

Stage: Newbie to superior (relying on weight used)


The triceps brachii muscle is positioned on the rear of the higher arm and has three elements: the lengthy, lateral, and medial heads. If you wish to construct up your arms, working all three heads of your triceps is vital, and the tricep rope pull downs does simply that.

Tricep rope pull downs additionally profit your general power and endurance by partaking your core, again, and shoulders. The transfer can be adaptable to your power and stage, as you possibly can improve the burden as you go.

Performing this transfer correctly additionally requires isolation, a basic talent for a lot of different exercises.2

Step-by-Step Directions

To organize:

Face the tricep rope pull downs cable machine arm workout and grasp the horizontal cable bar or rope attachment (relying on the machine your gymnasium has) with an overhand grip. Regulate the bar or rope grips to about chest stage.
Utilizing the pin-and-place adjustment and set a low weight to start out. Totally different variations of the machine might embrace different weighting mechanisms.

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Once you’re prepared to start:

Begin by bracing your abdominals.
Tuck your elbows in at your sides and place your ft barely aside.
Inhale. Push down till your elbows are absolutely prolonged however not but within the straight, locked place. Preserve your elbows near your physique and bend your knees barely on the pushdown. Resist bending ahead. Attempt to hold your again as straight as attainable as you push down.1
As you exhale, return to the place to begin utilizing a managed motion. Attempt to not crash the weights.
For newbies, intention to finish 4 units of 8 reps.

Frequent Errors

Your Elbows Flare Out

Don’t enable your elbows to flare outward on the downward push. This negates the work in your tricep rope pull downs and locations undesirable stress in your shoulders.

tricep rope pull downs
tricep rope pull downs

You are Not Utilizing Each Sides Equally

Verify in to make sure you push down easily and evenly with each arms.

You are Utilizing Your Again Too A lot

You do not need to bend over on the again and shoulders to pressure the burden down. That being stated, to make sure your tricep rope pull downs are getting absolutely labored, it may be useful to lean ahead barely and permit your knees to bend barely as you push down. This place ensures you are partaking all of the muscle’s elements equally.

Modifications and Variations

Want a Modification?

In case your gymnasium has the cable and pulley cable machine arm workout used on this train, then it in all probability additionally has a collection of grip attachments. You may even see a straight bar, or ones with bends in them, such because the E-Z bar and V-angled bar. These are utilized in the identical manner, however you might discover yet one more snug to make use of than one other.

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For those who aren’t a part of a gymnasium or in case your gymnasium would not have a pushdown machine, strive utilizing a resistance band to do the cable arm workout at dwelling or whereas touring. You will additionally want one thing sturdy above your head, like a steel bar, rod, or hook.

Place the band across the safe level (no less than at chin-height, if not over your head). Grip the ends of the band and carry out the pushdown train utilizing the identical type you’ll on a cable machine arm workout.

Tricep rope pull downs will be finished one-handed or with each fingers. A two-handed modification will work whether or not you are on a machine or utilizing a resistance band. Doing one arm at a time means that you can decelerate and give attention to correcting poor type. It can be helpful if one arm is recovering from an harm or you’ve gotten one aspect that’s typically weaker than the opposite.

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