The Truth About Lululemon Leggings. Are they worth it?

On this video I’m going intimately and let you know the reality concerning the Lululemon Align Leggings. I reply the query: ‘Are they value it?’ Within the video I let you know my preliminary first impression and I evaluation them after I workout in them a few instances. Let me know your ideas about Lululemon leggings! Are they value it?

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lululemon leggings


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  1. Omg those do look GREAT!! & I like how they are high waisted! Lol as I’m LAYING on my couch watching you work out! Thank you for your honest opinion! Your the best! & I agree $60 is max..H&M do have great leggings as are my $20 Target leggings(in AK) & they will last just as long! It’s a just #fad .. the materials are all the same & it would be different if lululemon were the only ones that had high waist & were that that stretchy & or that thickness but that’s not the case.. I bet (pretend)if one one were to put a fake lululemon logo, on the $10 H&M leggings & there was a review people would say “omg these are luxury” it sake $10 pair.. it’s a fad & its all just the silly label! Thanks for keeping it real 👍

  2. Omg those look GREAT!! & I like how they are high waisted! Lol as I’m LAYING on my couch watching you work out! Thank you for your honest opinion! Your the best! & I agree $60 is max..

  3. Please read this article on google

    Good On › how-ethical-lululemon

    You got to ask yourself, do I want to spent this kind of money on their products when they cost next to nothing to make. Some of the poorer countries that produce their goods the workers get around $ 1.50 to work the entire day, all you people are paying for is the CEOs 60 million dollar house in Point Grey and all the toys he can get. There are other company with better business practice.

  4. The aligns are comfy but they arent really meant for workout other than yoga or stretch. If you want something for more high impact workout or running i recommend the invigorates, time to sweat or fast and frees. If you like the seamless waistband then the all the right places or wunder train are good.
    Also i think you did grab a size too big but you could always just use them for lounge or resell them (the good thing about lulu is that they resell pretty well).

  5. I had a lot of problem with waist band rolling down. Of course part of the reason is me, but some leggings do fit better. I figured out that the cutting of leggings matters, also the material. I don't really like butter soft fabric unless they have a drawstring in the waist. Shinning nylon is also a nightmare, they are just way too slippery to stay put. I like Lulu's All The Right Places.

  6. can i give u an advice on your workout
    for the push up i think you might want to align your wrist, elbows and shoulders in the same alignment so when you push down and push up you’ll be targeting the triceps and core muscle ☺️

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