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If you’re seeking to enhance your squat, then this video is necessary viewing. In terms of squats, there are many ideas used that will help you carry out the raise higher, safer and with extra weight. The issue is, the fallacious tip can get you specializing in one thing that you simply don’t have a lot management over and may set you off down the trail of compromising elsewhere within the raise and getting damage. Right here I present you the perfect tip for getting out of the outlet and clarify why it really works so effectively.

Firstly, nothing is extra necessary than the setup of the squat. In case your physique is out of alignment and the bar is just not braced within the applicable place for you then you’ll battle on the raise it doesn’t matter what else you do. The identical could be mentioned about your hips. Your hips should be squared off when initiating the raise to be able to guarantee symmetrical loading of the legs throughout the descent.

I truly lined this in a earlier video that has been useful to many. You may view that right here and it will likely be linked on the finish of this present video.

The important thing to any good tip is that it solves an issue shortly (on the primary time you attempt it) with minimal concentrate on the minutia and particulars which can be arduous to regulate as soon as the burden is added to the bar. Much like a again row, we are sometimes given a tip to increase our arms again behind our torso to make sure a very good contraction. That isn’t essentially the case. I can pull my arms again however nonetheless lack thoracic extension which goes to forestall the complete contraction of the again muscle groups.

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As an alternative, the higher cue is to stay your chest out whereas pulling your arms again. This fixes the problem of kyphosis whereas routinely permitting you to tug your arms into extension behind your torso and get the perfect again contraction within the course of. As a result of you may truly see your chest and management its motion a lot simpler, it turns into a extra sensible tip with far more bang for the buck.

The identical can happen on the squat. First, on the descent, we’re informed to take a seat again. This can be a robust idea to visualise and really feel with out some type of goal suggestions that ensures you might be doing it accurately and sufficient. The field squat gives you with the biofeedback to know that you simply now have a goal to take a seat again in direction of whereas on the identical time providing you with a bodily cue on when you’ve reached the suitable depth.

Nicely, when you resolve the squat (the toughest portion of the raise) the hot button is figuring out get out of it explosively and with most stability. Any stability loss right here and compromise of your tightened core will result in a lack of energy and doubtlessly you lacking the raise. So, folks will inform you to maintain a decent core all through. As soon as once more nevertheless, what does that basically imply? Are you supposed to simply bear down, contract the abs, lean ahead?

As an alternative, should you concentrate on merely initiating the upward motion of the bar by shifting your hips and chest at the very same time you’ll nail this each time. As a result of the core connects the hips and chest collectively, motion of the 2 concurrently calls for that the core contracts and braces to maintain the 2 in sync. Drawback fastened. Ambiguity gone. Squat improved.

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If you wish to raise extra weight, get stronger and carry out higher on each raise you do then you must begin specializing in doing the issues that make it easier to to enhance at each alternative. Athletes take each factor of their coaching severely and depart no room for error. If you’re seeking to prepare like an athlete and get extra out of each workout you do, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System.

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  1. I monitor the fitness center at my local Y, which is next to the middle school and we give free memberships to 13 yos. I was watching a group of boys yesterday doing squats and wanted to give them some pointers (I know the dangers of giving unsolicited advice to teen boys 😂🙄). Thanks Jeff!

  2. Ok my number one tip for engaging your core, pretend you have to shit really bad, and you're forcing it out with your entire trunk, like "HMMMMMMMM" but you must be able to breathe. (:

  3. Once stopped worrying about the weight left my ego out the door I really started to make gains with my squat. Think that’s the problem with most especially young people starting out in high school have to show off lifting way more than should using improper form. Since I’ve dropped the weight and doing deep squats my lower back pains have all but disappeared. I’m 43 and in better shape than ever have been always enjoyed this channel and free advice.

  4. integrated this mindset of "hips with shoulders" and had some of the smoothest and easiest ups on my squats today with no lower back pain.. glad to get this form going in a good direction.. thank you!

  5. This is such great tips. Finally understood how to engage my core while squatting with weights cuz I was doing it wrong the whole time and finally gave up on "engaging my core" & just focused on bringing the weights up lol. I really love how Jeff breaks it down mechanically in the simplest form. The world is so lucky to have him. He should be worldwide treasure.

  6. Just started getting back to squats. Haven’t been comfortable with them due to shoulder pains while holding bar. Been able to strengthen and work into a tolerable discomfort for squats. This video has been the most helpful in my reintro to squats. Thank You

  7. Hey Jeff, I have a Very Serious question about Squats. I really want to put Squats in my workout routine. I face one major issues, the meniscus has been shaved in both of my knees and it is painful performing a simple Squat without a chair for support and balance. Than I'm limited to 20 to 30 before the pain creeps in. What does the Physical Therapist in you suggest??

  8. FUCK THIS SHIT !…I'm quite happy being a 28st smelly fat bastard getting FATTER by the second,nothing is more satisfying than eating fried chicken and drinking beer by the hour ….the only squatting I will be doing will be on the shitter after these 5 cheeseburgers 💩💩👍💨💨💨

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