The PROBLEM With Lululemon

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Lululemon is a multi-billion greenback firm which has paved the way in which for athleisure as we all know it right now. Nonetheless, their group has a darkish previous, a shady current, and we’re interested in their future…

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Script: Holly Maley
Editor: Kirsten Stanley
Challenge Supervisor: Lurana McClure Rodríguez
Host: Levi Hildebrand

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  1. What a terrible men.. he made clothe that made girl asses look better.. terrible.. also that message of trying to not be mediocre.. what a terrible thing.. lol.. you lefties are incredible.. last thing.. most of diseases is a result of your previous choices..

  2. Im not a person who gives a damn about brands
    but the lululemon grey stretch mens jumpers are on another level
    comfiest jumper ive ever worn for desk work
    vented back and sides so you dont get dreaded back sweats
    extra "pleated" fabric on the shoulders and elbows so you dont get that restricted feeling while typing
    and the whole thing is satisfyingly spongy, I dont even know how or why, but its like the fabric is woven in 3 directions instead of 2
    I think they stopped making them though because i got mine 2/3 off at outlet

  3. the product is by far better than competitors. To say people buy it for the lifestyle is wrong in my opinion. personally the lulu lemon i own is the best looking and most comfortable clothes i have. The company really focuses on the quality of and design of the product more than anything. if you look at any of the bad reviews they have on their website, they respond to those reviews and try to fix the problem. my comment looks like an Ad but their clothes are actually that high quality

  4. Is Lululemon essentially like UnderArmor for GenZ girls as to sports dudes from the early 2000s or middle aged dudes who think it's still the early 2000s and probably don't workout anymore?

  5. I didn´t even know about this brand until now, let alone that they popularized the ´´yoga pants in public´´ look. Can´t help but praise the founder guy now, those pants do make women´s butts look amazing. And women love wearing them because they´re apparently really comfortable. And i also have to agree with him – If you don´t have the body for it, don´t wear it. Wear baggy clothes until you achieve that body.

  6. They are definitely rivaling Apple for behaving like cult members 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    But all joking aside….it doesn't matter how rotten Lululemon's core is. They could be using child slave labour to make their products and their customers would still buy their product. Modern brands largely are treated like religions by their customers. No amount of facts or criticism can land as they live in their insert brand here bubble.

  7. It's not just Lululemon–it's most of the sportswear brands. Some of them offer a free exchange for a smaller size within X months, just so all buyers get the message. Some don't like American sizing and purposely use sizing models that fit our children and not us. Cheers to the few brands trying to change this business model.

  8. If you've ever played Bio-Shock before that is a critique of Ayn Rands philosophy and how it's utterly awful and inheritanly dystopian. For example Andrew Ryan, Ayn Rand get it. There is also an atlas shrugged statue as you enter the abandoned city. There are other nods to it. But that's what sparked the idea, reading Ayn Rands books and looking at the dystopia her ideology would bring.

  9. something that you didnt mention is the sizing and how it promotes unhealthy beliefs in its customers. as someone who wears a small/0-2 in shorts in literally all other brands, i walked into lulu the other day and found that i wore a 6-8 in their shorts. and this isn't because i want the shorts to be long or anything (quite the opposite, actually)
    in a world where size is so important, wearing a size 4 or 5 sizes larger that you normally do is honestly embarrassing

  10. Surprised that this video and the comments don’t mention Wilson’s reason why he named the company Lululemon.

    He was inspired by a Japanese brand called “Homeless” and thought that the success of this brand derived from the “exotic” nature of the brand name containing a sound that didn’t exist in the Japanese language (the letter L).

    As a challenge, he created a name for his brand with as many L’s as he could fit in & thought it was funny watching Japanese people try to pronounce it.

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